The Deadly Tower of Monsters Trophy Guide

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Deadly Tower of Monsters is almost like a Matt Hazard game except the focus is on retro, low budget movies instead of video games. The humor is great and even those who do not appreciate classic cinema, should see the humor in the jokes. The game comes with a super easy trophy list for which you can get the platinum in about 5 hours. There are 2 missable trophies but they are quite hard to miss. So long as you read this trophy guide before getting stuck in, you will be fine.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 1
  • Difficulty : 5
  • Online Trophies : 0/24
  • Offline Trophies : 24/24
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Missable Trophies: With guns blazingBigger sticks

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

The good news is there aren’t really any missable trophies here. So long as you hold off on upgrading weapons, or at least upgrade them carefully, you should be fine. The game has a sort of chapter select feature. It’s technically an open world game, so you just teleport around the world. This means you can go back and get any trophies that you miss.


Step 1: Complete the game (be careful with upgrades)

Start by just playing through the game and having some fun. The game is funny and the combat isn’t that bad. You should enjoy the experience. So the best thing to do is to just play the game and have fun. Since it is possible, although unlikely, for you to spend your upgrade cogs wrong and miss out on “Bigger Sticks” and “Guns Blazing”. In this step you will unlock.


Bug off 
King of the tower
…to make an omelet 
Fell for it 
Bad Science 
Cephalopod slayer 
Dramatic rescuer 

Step 2: Cleanup

You should have unlocked all of the useful weapons and in most cases, gotten a lot, if not all of the combat related trophies. At this point all that should be left are the combat related trophies. Any trophies that you have left to unlock that you didn’t get in the main story run, you will get here. The following trophies should be unlocked by the time you complete this run.

Show me your moves 
With guns blazing 
Good shot 
As in games! 
Collateral damage 
Bigger sticks 
Even better shot 
Super Hoopster 
Explosive efficiency 
Missing scenes 
Watch out 
Little island 
Reach t’ captain 

Complete all other missions
Kill a large dinosaur with a dagger
Fairly easy to do. Once you have the space shiv, use it to kill a large dinosaur. Since the space shiv is fairly weak, i tried beating down the enemy with my gun. Once the dinosaurs health was almost gone, I switched to the shiv and landed the killing blow with it. Try get this done as soon as you get the shiv so that you do not need to carry it around with you any longer. If you teleport down toward the start area of the game, you will find the dinosaurs that you killed once before. You can get the trophy here if you are unable to find a big dinosaur to kill.
Fly through 20 hoops

See Super Hoopster 

Find 6 missing film reels

These are hard enough to find, so chances are you are going to need to make use of the guide below for this. The video guide will show the location of all the missing film reels.

Conquer the Nukular ant hive
This will unlock once you kill the big ant that has captured Dick.
Guide 10 enemies into flaming turrets
You can get this very early on in the game. You will see stone bird like statues that shoot fire. They usually rotate so you can have some control over the direction of the flame. Kill 10 enemies using the turrets to get the trophy. The temple entrance checkpoint has a flamethrower that you can use to easily get this trophy.
Parry 20 enemy attacks
To parry, press Circle right before an enemy attack is about to land on you. Some enemies attack a lot slower, particularly the white apes who seem to perform a super slow leap attack. Press Circle at the right moment to parry the attack. You can save time by parrying attacks from the same enemy over and over.
Defeat the Mega-Gorilla
Part of the main story. This will come once you have completed this boss fight.
Max out 3 projectile weapons

You will find upgrade stations scattered around the place. You will need to use a combination of gold, silver and blue cogs and some gold to upgrade a weapon. Upgrade 3 ranges weapons to the max to get this trophy. The upgrades are often worth getting so it's no harm to go out of your way to collect the cogs early on.

Once thing you need to be very careful of is that there are not enough cogs for you to upgrade everything. If you upgrade a bunch of weapons to level 2 or a large amount of melee weapons to level 3 without getting this trophy first, there will not be enough materials left in the game for you to get this trophy.

You can use a trick to get this easier. Do not upgrade anything. Once you have a nice collection of cogs, make a save and back it up. Upgrade 3 ranged weapons to the max to get this trophy. Then reload the save and upgrade 3 melee weapons to get “Bigger Sticks”. You won't have to deal with the pressure of missing anything this way. The video guide below will show you the location of all of the cogs in the game.

Destroy 10 target boards

See Even better shot 

Remove 5 apes with watches from the set

These are a sort of collectable. There are 5 apes, similar to the normal apes you see at the start of the game. The only difference is that you can kill these ones. You can’t really tell the difference other than the fact that a health bar will show up around these ones when it won’t with the regular apes. The video guide below will show you where you can find all of these.

Kill 10 enemies by jumping on them
In traditional Mario style, jump on the head of an enemy to kill them. Only difference here is that it might take more than one jump to do the trick. This can be done easy when you are fighting against the Nukular Ants. The smaller green ones, should die with a single jump. This will make the trophy super easy to unlock.
Destroy all the mutant dinosaur eggs
There are 8 eggs that you need to destroy to get this. You won’t be able to get this until after you defeat the Mechameleon. Once the boss fight is over, progress further until you reach the nesting area. You will need to destroy the eggs to progress.
Find the castaway ape

You will not be able to get this until you have gotten to the “Enter the Space Station” checkpoint/teleport location. Pretty tough one to find without the guide below. You will need to fall a long way down to the ocean to get it. The trophy requires you to land on the island. You will not be able to teleport back to the top at the last moment.

Kill 3 enemies with parried projectiles
You will need to do this against enemies that shoot things at you. You obviously parry a melee attack and expect it to shoot something back. There are plenty of enemies with ranged weapons. There are white apes near the start of the game that seem to shoot lasers from their bows. The speed of these, like the melee attacks of the white apes is quite slow. This makes deflecting them quite easy. Press circle to parry right before the projectile is about to hit you to fire it back at the enemy.
Defeat the Mechameleon
This boss fight comes after the gorilla. It will chase you up the tower and you will have to defeat it. You can damage the mechameleon by shooting the orb inside its mouth. Dodge its attacks in order for it to expose the orb and attack then.
Max out 3 melee weapons
Similar to the “With guns blazing” trophy, you will need to upgrade 3 different melee weapons to the max level. You can use a game save to save up lots of cogs. Upgrade 3 ranges weapons, then reload the save to upgrade 3 melee weapons to get this easier. The cogs aren’t that hard to find though. The only thing to be aware of is there are not enough cogs in the game to upgrade everything. If you end up upgrading loads of weapons to level 2 or lots of ranges weapons to level 3, you wont have enough cogs to get 3 melee weapons to the max.
Destroy 25 target boards

The target boards are like the bullseye boards for archery. They are red and white and fairly easy to spot. You usually need to peek out over the edge of the tower to spot the target boards below. As you are climbing the tower, keep a lookout for the target boards. They aren’t that well hidden, but if you are not looking over the ledges for them, you are going to miss them.

The video guide below will show you where to find all of the target boards you need to get this trophy.

Fly through 50 hoops
The hoops are yellow circles that are placed randomly along the height of the tower. As you climb up, you will begin to spot them. You need to jump off the edge of the tower and down through the hoops for it to count. Once you fly through, they vanish, so you need to get 20 unique hoops for this. They are very hard to miss.
Kill 3 enemies with one landmine
You will unlock the landmine power as you make your way up the tower. You will need to use Dick to be able to activate it. Switch to the power and press Triangle to drop a landmine. You will need to throw a landmine that kills 3 enemies. There are plenty of places to get this. The ants on the island are probably the easiest but there are so many other places to get it.
Reach the captain of the ghost pirate ship

This is similar to the castaway ape for the “Little Island” trophy. You will need to do an epic dive to get to this one. Once you have gotten to the checkpoint called “Enter the Space Station”. Jump off the ledge and you will see the blue ghost ship below, which you have likely seen a few times before this.Land on the ship and the trophy will unlock. The video guide below will help you if you are stuck.

Destroy Dr. Schopenstein's replicator

This is a mini boss that is not part of the main story. To get to this boss you will need to teleport to the “Station Cargo Elevator” checkpoint. Fly across the ledge across from the checkpoint and you will get to the replicator. The enemies that spawn with the boss can quickly overwhelm you. Make sure you put the effort into clearing them before you target the boss. Otherwise you will end up getting killed.

Defeat the gigantic mutant octopus
To defeat this boss you need to shoot the tentacles in order to turn the red lights blue. Using the machine ray gun will make this a bit easier since you will not need to waste too much time aiming. Just shoot blindly. Once you shoot all 8, the boss will jump up the platform and you must follow it up and shoot the tentacles again. Keep doing this until it is dead.
Rescue Dick from the Mega-Gorilla
You will get this at the start of the game when Scarlet rescues Dick from the Gorilla.