The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Trophy List

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Acquire all trophies
Assemble 9 main characters
Assemble all 12 characters
Obtain the Ark and gain the ability to travel freely
Make the Ark able to fly
Rescue everyone at Hakurei Castle
Defeat a big symbol monster for the first time
Defeat all big symbol monsters
View the normal ending
View the sub ending with Grossa's defeat
View the sub ending where you lose to Kuwalsa
View every ending
Unlock Music mode
Obtain 500,000 So
Acquire 100,000 talent pts
Seal all the Water Devil Dens
Give the password to the Black Market
Scout 50 recruits
Scout 100 recruits
Scout all recruits
Open all portals
Reach top rank with any of the guilds
Learn all Sigils
Learn all Sorcery spells
Learn all Battle Arts
Defeated Kuwalsa within 20 hours
Defeated Kuwalsa within 15 hours
Defeated Kuwalsa within 10 hours
Build your first Guild Tower
Defeat 100 enemies in battle
Defeat 500 enemies in battle
Defeat 1000 enemies in battle
Obtain all maps
Gather 50 Order Gems
Gather 100 Chaosium Gems