Tcheco in the Castle of Lucio Trophy List

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Destroy the castle but before find all its secrets.
Find a secret item when you're upside down.
Find a secret item next to the giant statue head.
Summon Pickaxe Deedee to make him destroy the flying soccer ball.
Finish the game.
Leave 1st Maicon's room without getting any extra energies.
Leave 2nd Maicon's room without getting any extra energies.
Leave 3rd Maicon's room without getting the extra energy.
Kill demon's grandson.
Kill the demon himself.
Clear stage 28 without touching any purple blocks with your skateboard.
Find a shortcut that will allow you to skip some skateboard stages.
Eat 2 Quetzal birds.
Find an invisible life while you're reduced to mini-Tcheco.
Smash a mini skull.
Touch special guest star Zaku when he appears to help you.
Get the last keys - even if they're all above a big abyss!
Touch a dog if it's now quiet and calmer.