Sushi Break Trophy List

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Collected all the trophies in the game.
Completed a level quickly.
Completed a level slowly.
Defeated a Salmon mini boss at high speed.
Defeated an Ikura mini boss with fireball.
Defeated an Onigiri mini boss with laser.
Hit ball 10 times in turbo paddle mode without losing life.
Caught ball 10 times with sticky paddle without losing life.
Hit ball 10 times with shield (bottom wall) without losing life.
Survived a mini boss attack through invincible paddle.
Consumed 5 sushis with slow ball without losing life.
Collected auto laser power up.
Stacked up multiple wide paddles in a level.
Stacked up multiple fireballs in a level.
Stacked up multi ball power ups to reach 9 balls.
Consumed 20 sushis with laser without losing life.
Consumed 20 sushis with fireball without losing life.
Destroyed 5 green tea bowls in a level.
Collected a combo of 5 or more power ups.
Collected all powers ups and collectibles in level.
Completed a level without collecting any power ups.
Survived all mini boss attacks in a level.
Completed a level with 7 lives remaining.
Scored 30000 points in a level.
Completed levels with 10 different characters in game.
Earned total 25 stars in game.
Collected total 10 coins in game.
Consumed sushi at 5x speed.
Completed a level without losing life.
Scored 40000 points in a level.
Completed levels with 20 different characters in game.
Earned total 50 stars in game.
Collected total 25 coins in game.
Defeated all stationary mini bosses in game.
Consumed all moving sushis in game.
Earned total 75 stars in game.
Collected total 50 coins in game.
Completed all levels in game.