Strawberry Vinegar Trophy List

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Encountered a fearsome demon.
Embarassed a fearsome demon.
Forgot everything.
Said a sad farewell.
Became Licia's best friend.
Became Licia's (long-suffering) girlfriend.
Ate miso soup.
Baked cookies.
Ate natto (begrudingly).
Ate tempura shrimp - plus sides!
Gave Licia a chestnut pudding.
Baked apple rose tarts.
Ate takoyaki.
Watched a fearsome(?) demon eat a corncob.
Ate shaved ice.
Ate chichi dango.
Ate candyfloss.
Bought Licia an onigiri.
Made Licia some chicken cutlet sandwiches.
Bought Licia a crêpe.
Made Licia pancakes.
Made Licia rice porridge.
Made Licia strawberry risotto.
Baked Licia a cake.
Ate pickled plums.
Ordered omelette rice.
Ordered a hamburger steak.
Savored a strawberry sundae.