Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Complete KOLCHAK HARBOR Region
Complete BEKETOV VALLEY Region
Complete ALTAI MOUNTAINS Region on the highest difficulty
Complete KOLCHAK HARBOR Region on the highest difficulty
Complete BEKETOV VALLEY Region on the highest difficulty
Complete ARAKCHEYEV FORTRESS Region on the highest difficulty
Complete SIBIRSKAYA-7 JUNCTION Region on the highest difficulty
Buy your first skill
Buy 28 skills
Buy 57 skills
Unlock 10 Sniper Rifles
Unlock 7 Sidearms
Unlock 14 Gadgets
Complete first Contract
Complete 13 Contracts
Complete 24 Contracts
Complete first Challenge
Complete 13 of Challenges
Complete 24 Challenges
Complete first Bounty
Complete 5 of the Bounties
Complete 9 of the Bounties
Unlock 5 Regions
Find the first collectible
Find 7 of collectibles
Find 14 collectibles
Kill enemy from each sniper rifle
Kill 3 Enemies with 1 bullet
Kill an Enemy from a 500 meters distance.
Kill 80 enemies in single mission
Kill enemy from zip line
Interrogate an Officer
Eliminate Main Target with Remote Sniper Turret
Eliminate Main Target when in the vechicle with the Mine
Eliminate Main Target with Death from above
Exfiltrate in under 1 minute after killing Igor Sekhov
Eliminate Main Target with The Chain kill