Shadow of the Colossus Trophy List

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Acquired all Trophies
Defeat 1st Colossus
Defeat 2nd Colossus
Defeat 3rd Colossus
Defeat 4th Colossus
Defeat 5th Colossus
Defeat 6th Colossus
Defeat 7th Colossus
Defeat 8th Colossus
Defeat 9th Colossus
Defeat 10th Colossus
Defeat 11th Colossus
Defeat 12th Colossus
Defeat 13th Colossus
Defeat 14th Colossus
Defeat 15th Colossus
Defeat 16th Colossus
Clear the game in normal difficulty
Clear the game in hard difficulty
Reached top of the shrine
Hang onto the hawk for more than 30 seconds
Endure being sucked into the light for over 1 minute in the ending
Acquire all items available in normal time attack
Acquire all items available in hard time attack
Hang onto the fish for over 30 seconds
Perform all stunt riding using Agro
Acquired all fruits in the world
Save at all save points
Killed all shining lizards
Max out HP bar
Max out stamina bar