Roundguard Trophy List

How To Use
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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
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Unlock all the other Trophies.
Complete your audition.
Enter the Keep with the Warrior.
Enter the Keep with the Rogue.
Enter the Keep with the Wizard.
Complete a quest.
Spend more than 2 seconds above the screen.
Get a red trinket from the Wheel of Wonders.
Get a blue trinket from the Wheel of Wonders.
Get a gold trinket from the Wheel of Wonders.
Visit a treasure room.
Defeat the Organizer.
Defeat the Disciplinarian.
Defeat the Screen Fiend.
Defeat the Under Chef.
Defeat the Gel Tamer.
Defeat the Prima Ballerina.
Help the Lonely Bard.
Defeat the Cheddar King.
Defeat the Goblin Poet.
Equip a legendary item.
Intercept an Orc Shaman's healing magic.
Defeat the Alchemist.
Get 5 projectiles stuck in you at once.
Use skills 20 times in a room.
Get a score of 1 million gold.
Identify all the unstable potions in a run.
Let a lich resurrect 5 skeletons.
Kill a Dark Elf Illusionist without hitting her mirages.
Get 50 stacks of poison on an enemy at once.
Defeat the Cycloptopus.
Defeat a Chaos room.
Get petrified.
Insta-kill 30 enemies with Killer Joke.
Pop 3 bubbles before you hit the bottom.
Clear a room without taking damage.
Get 10 enemies to defeat each other.
Use the clear Gelly Cube to cleanse a debuff.
Use rune stones to crack skulls.
Let the Summoners complete their ritual.
Use each skill for each class at least once.
Defeat the Giant Worm as the Warrior.
Defeat the Giant Worm as the Rogue.
Defeat the Giant Worm as the Wizard.
Collect all Relics.
Master all Relics.