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RocketsRocketsRockets is a surprisingly fun party game to play with friends. Each player takes control of a rocket that can shoot missiles, drop bomb and nukes. Through some high speed gameplay, you need to take out everyone else to win a match.  AI players can be used to fill in the empty spaces. In terms of trophies, this list can be fairly tricky or a complete walking in the park, depending on how many spare controllers you have for the Playstation 4. There are no missable trophies, or any glitches, so this is an easy platinum you can work toward over time.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 2
  • Difficulty : 1 (with 4 controllers) 5 (vs AI)
  • Online Trophies : 0/37
  • Offline Trophies : 37/37
  • Num Playthroughs : Multiple matches

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

You can split this guide into 2 parts. Trophies that must be unlocked against an AI player and those can can be unlocked with extra controllers. If you have 4 controllers, or at least 3 controllers and a PS Vita (to use as a controller via remote play), you will have an easy time with this trophy list. Having to get the trophies for 4 player games against all AI opponents is not that easy, but even against the AI, nothing is that hard.


AI Trophies

Start with the AI trophies and get these out of the way. Lucky is probably the hardest trophy in the game, so the sooner you get this one over and done with the better. The following trophies are all based around the AI, so get these unlocked first.

Repeated Victory!
Full Range 


Coop Trophies

You may have found that you have unlocked a few of these while going for the AI trophies. If so, happy days. All of these trophies can be unlocked while playing against other players. If you have 4 controllers, connect them and you will be able to setup 4 player games to make those trophies a breeze. For the most part, the trophies will only require 1 other player. IF you do not have any spare controllers, you will need to do this against AI opponents which will make some of these quite difficult. They are all luck based, so if you try enough, you should be able to get them eventually.


High Speed Rocketeer 
Guided Dart 
Space Jart 
Space Beach Party 
Peace Time 
Achieving Zen 
Quick Win 
Hair Trigger 
Bomb Bounce 
Bomb Deflector 
Missile Deflect 
Missile Barrage Reflector 
Relentless Pursuit 
Fair Eye 
Unwavering Aim 
Perfectly Accurate 
Having a blast! 
Focused Radiation 
The Victor 
The Continued Champion 

These require more than 2 players.

Breathing Room 
Three’s a crowd 
Quite a party 
Climbing Higher 
Top of the world 

Get all trophies
Win a Duel against an AI opponent

See Repeated Victory! 

Win 5 Duels against an AI opponent in a session
Setup a 1v1 match against an AI opponent and win 5 times. Once you win, go again and keep going until you have 5 wins.
Boost 20 times in a single match
A boost is performed using one of the shoulder buttons. Do this 20 times in a single match to get the trophy. You will probably get it while going for some of the other trophies. The trophy will not unlock until the match is over.
Collide with an opponent while boosted

See Space Jart 

Collide with an opponent while boosted 5 times in a match
You can boost using the shoulder buttons. During a match, you must boost and hit of an opponent 5 times. You may be able to combine this with “High Speed Rocketeer” in the same run to save some time. You will know you have done this correctly as it will damage the opponent. For this reason, you need to make sure you set bubbles to 5 so that you can actually damage the opponent 5 times.
Collide with a floating star 20 times in a match
You will find large stars floating around the place during a match. They don’t really look like stars but they are yellow with a reddish tint and stand out from the other shapes in the levels. Crash into them 20 times in a single match to get the trophy.
Achieve a combat-free experience for 30 seconds

See Achieving Zen 

Achieve a combat-free experience for 2 minutes
Start a match and shoot some missiles. Float back down to the spawn platform and wait 2 minutes. Once the 2 minutes is up, fire some more missiles and you will hear a voice say “Peace breaker”. The trophy will unlock after this. You will need to count this time yourself as there is no way to know in game. It is best to do this with a second controller so you do not get killed.
Win a match in under 30 seconds

See Hair Trigger 

Win a match in under 20 seconds
Not that hard to do. Wait until the end to attempt this as you may get it naturally. As soon as a level starts, start firing missiles. You may take the enemy out immediately and get the trophy. Set bubbles to 1 if you are having a hard time. It can be done against a player 2 to make this even more easy.
Reflect a bomb using your shield

See Bomb Bounce 

Reflect 20 bombs using your shield in a single match
These are quite tricky to reflect if you are doing this alone. This is best done with a second controller and if you can, with a second person to use that controller. Have one player stay down low and the other player fly above at the top of the level. Hold down Square to drop a load of bombs at once. If you then boost through this you might reflect a couple of them. You know you have reflected it because you will not take damage and will see the bombs bounce away.
Reflect a missile using your shield

See Missile Barrage Reflector 

Reflect 20 missiles using your shield in a single match
Reflecting missiles is easier than the bombs but still requires some effort to do if you are playing alone. So obviously, having a friend beside you and coordinating this together is a breeze. Doing it alone with 2 controllers is the next best thing. Put some distance between both rockets. Shoot some missiles and boost into the oncoming missile to reflect it. As with the bombs, you will see the missile bounce away with it has been reflected successfully. The trophy will not unlock until after the match is over, so make sure to count it right.
Win a match with your (human) team taking no damage
Set bubbles to 1 and play against a single AI opponent. Once you get the win, this will unlock.
Strike your opponent 10 times in a Duel
The max amount of bubbles can only be set to 7, so start by doing this. Attack the opponent 5 or 6 times. You will then need to use the other controller to attack the main rocket 3 times in order to get back some bubbles. Go back to the main rocket, which should not have 4 or 5 bubbles and take it out. Once you win the match, it should have been 10 strikes in total and you will get the trophy.
Win a duel against Stanley using a single weapon
I dunno why they use Stanley here, they are referring to the AI. Start a 1v1 match with a large bubble handicap vs an AI opponent. Only use nukes or some other weapon you are good with and once you get the win the trophy will pop. Do not use any other weapons.
Win a duel against Stanley using all weapons
So here we are again with the Stanley stuff. This just means play against a single AI opponent in a 1v1 match. This trophy is one of the more tricky trophies. You need to win the match by attacking the opponent with each type of weapon. This means you need to use a rocket with X, a bomb with Square and a nuke with circle. I also used a boost bash but I don't believe it is required for the trophy.

Setup a new game and set bubbles to 7 with the AI handicap to 4. You start with 7 lives and they start with 3. Attack the opponent once with each weapon to win the match and get the trophy.
Drop 5 bombs on yourself
Easier than it seems. If you fly from left to right, you will see that the bombs will come out above you rather than below. Go to the top left of a level and fly to the bottom right very slow. Drop bombs as you do this and you will hit yourself with them. Set bubbles to 5 so that you do not need to do multiple sessions. This trophy is much easier to do with an idle second player.
Collide with terrain 10 times during a match
Bash into the walls 10 times. This is definitely going to happen naturally.
Achieve at least 10% Accuracy in a match

See Perfectly Accurate 

Achieve at least 25% Accuracy in a match
See Perfectly Accurate
Achieve at least 50% Accuracy in a match
See Perfectly Accurate
Achieve at least 100% Accuracy in a match
This is actually super easy to do. Setup a 1v1 match against an idle player 2. Set bubbles to 1. Start the match and go right up to the opponent and shoot a rocket at them. This should kill the enemy since there was only 1 bubble. You will win the match and have 100% accuracy.
Beat Stanley in a Duel without shooting or ramming

This is the hardest trophy in the game and will take some practice. So to clarify, stanley is just an AI opponent. Setup a 1v1 match against an AI with 1 bubble each on the blank map. You must fly toward the edge of the map and go out of bounds. The AI will follow you and if lucky they will drop a nuke and end up crashing into it, killing themselves in the process.

This might take a while to get right. It all comes down to luck.

Beat Stanley in a Duel without using your shields
This is fairly easy. Set bubbles to 7 and the AI handicap to -6. Do your best to kill the AI opponent in a 1v1 without boosting (using the trigger buttons). It is pretty easy if you just spam nukes and missiles early on.
Win a duel against a player using only bombs
This can be done against an idle second player. If you need to use AI, set the bubbles in your favor and aim to kill them with the first bomb to win the game and get the trophy.
Win a duel against a player using only nukes
This can be done against an idle second player. If you need to use AI, set the bubbles in your favor and aim to kill them with the first nuke to win the match and get the trophy.
Win a 4 player match without getting hit
This is going to take some incredible skill if you don’t have 4 controllers. If you only have 2 controllers, then add an idle player. This will at least reduce the amount of opponents you need to battle against. Set bubbles to one. This way you knock out enemies faster and make things end quicker if you do fuck up.
No collisions occurred during a 4 player match
This requires you not to crash into any other players. Super easy with 4 controllers, considerably harder without. If you are stuck with no extra controllers, setup a 4 player game with 3 AI. Use a map with plenty of cover and give the AI a bubble handicap. Try to spend most of the match hiding away from opponents and let them try to kill each other. Slip out of cover now and then for a cheeky kill if you can.
Participate in a 3 player match
This does not stack with the 4 player match. Complete a match, win or lose with 3 players.
Participate in a 4 player match
Play a 4 player match and the trophy will unlock at the end even if you lose.
Win 10 4 player matches in a session
Fairly boring, but simple requirements. Win 10 games with 4 players. Set bubbles to 1 for all. IF you are having to do this against AI, set the AI handicap rather to give you the advantage. You don’t need to win all the matches in a row.
Win 20 4 player matches in a session
Same as Climbing Higher, except you need to win 20 games. Boring enough grind.
Win a duel against one other person
Win a 1v1 match. Should unlock as you work toward other trophies.
Win a duel against one other person 5 times
Win a 1v1 match 5 times. The wins do not need to be in a row. If you lose, just keep playing until you have won a total of 5 matches.