Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Trophy List

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Take down two or more enemies with one shot.
Shoot and knock back Marguerite while she's leaping at you.
Kill an enemy by attaching a Remote Bomb to them and detonating it.
Create all items that contain Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid.
Complete the "Mia" videotape without being spotted by Marguerite.
Complete the "Happy Birthday" videotape within 5 minutes.
Watch all the videotapes in a single playthrough.
Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Easy or Normal difficulty.
Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Madhouse difficulty.
Read all of the files in a single playthrough.
Destroy a Mr. Everywhere statuette.
Destroy all Mr. Everywhere statuettes.
Complete the game within 4 hours.
Complete the game without opening the Item Box more than 3 times.
Complete the game using only 3 First Aid Meds or less.
Complete Nightmare.
Complete Night Terror.
Complete Bedroom.
Find all the dead rats in Bedroom in a single play.
Complete Ethan Must Die.
Complete 21.
Complete Survival mode in 21.
Complete Survival+ mode in 21.
Get the bad ending in Daughters.
Get the true ending in Daughters.
Clear a stage with a 10 minute time bonus or higher in Jack's 55th Birthday.
Feed Jack every type of food and drink in Jack's 55th Birthday.
Get an S Rank or higher on all stages in Jack's 55th Birthday.
Unlock all trophies.
Travel to Louisiana.
Escape from the guest house.
Escape to the yard.
Uncover the secret in the old house.
Escape from the Baker family home.
Escape from the ship.
Get ending 1.
Get ending 2.
Complete the game on Easy.
Complete the game on Normal.
Complete the game on Madhouse.
Close an open door by yourself.
Block an enemy attack by guarding.
Obtain something by closely examining an item.
Use a lock pick to open something.
Put an unrelated object on a shadow plinth.
Use psychostimulants.
Increase your item slots.
Finish off an enemy with the knife.
Clear insects off a door using a knife.
Fight off Marguerite while she wanders the old house to make her run away.
Avoid Jack's scissor attack by crouching.