PONG Quest Trophy List

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Complete every other trophy
Change your outfit
Beat Knight Derek in the Training Dungeon
Beat Jailbird in Breakdown Penitentiary
Beat Centipaddle in Crawling Forest
Beat Berthilda in Frosted Pantheon
Beat Mothership in Outer Celestia
Beat Emerald Centipaddle in the Earth Zone
Beat Onyx Mothership in the Fire Zone
Beat Opal Jailbird in the Water Zone
Beat Indigo Berthilda in the Air Zone
Complete Quest Mode
Win 100 battles
Win 200 battles
Win 400 battles
Win 800 battles
Use 100 healing balls
Destroy 100 obstacles with balls
Release 100 creatures from balls
Afflict 100 status conditions upon opponents
Spill fluids on the field 100 times
Use 100 accelerating balls
Use 100 balls with irregular bouncing
Use 10,000 balls
Upgrade your HP 3 times in a single Quest
Upgrade your inventory size 3 times in a single Quest
Collect 3 Shamrocks in a single Quest
Upgrade your map in 3 ways in a single Quest
Reach level 5
Reach level 10
Reach level 25
Defeat a boss without using any special balls
Defeat an enemy while you are on critical HP
Defeat an enemy with Pillar and Narrow Balls' effects active
Defeat an enemy while wearing the same outfit as them
Complete a puzzle by turning on lights
Complete a puzzle by matching symbols
Complete a puzzle by rotating mirrors
Enter and complete 10 wild challenge vortices
Use keys 20 times
Obtain every hat
Obtain every skin
Obtain every accessory
Obtain every suit
Obtain every ball