Pistol Whip Trophy List

How To Use
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Unlock all other trophies
Reload on beat 100 times
Finish any scene without taking damage (no modifiers)
Travel a total of 15 kilometers
Earn 5,000,000 points (cumulative per play)
Finish any scene on Hard while using two guns (no other modifiers)
Kill a total of 1000 enemies on beat
Empty your entire clip without missing a beat (no modifiers)
Pistol Whip 10 or more enemies in a single run (no modifiers)
Finish any scene with at least 3 modifiers active
Finish any scene with no armour remaining (no modifiers)
Finish High Priestess with the "No Ammo" modifier on Hard (no other modifiers)
Complete the Tutorial
Kill all enemies in a scene without missing a shot (no modifiers)
Pistol Whip 1000 enemies
Pistol Whip an enemy when you have no armour (no modifiers)
Finish any scene on Hard with Deadeye enabled (no other modifiers)
Finish any scene without hitting an enemy (no modifiers)
Earn an S rank or higher in any scene
Finish Death without harming the dancers
Earn an accuracy rating of 90% or higher in any scene (no modifiers)
Pistol Whip every enemy on the bridge in R U Afraid on any difficulty
Finish any scene on Hard (no modifiers)
Finish any scene on Normal (no modifiers)
Finish any scene on Easy (no modifiers)