Pinstripe Trophy List

How To Use
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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
  • Use the controls toggle hidden and unlocked trophies.
  • Click "Save Progress" to store your progression in a cookie.
  • Clicking on highlighted trophies in text will show you a preview. Click the preview to quickly scroll to that trophy.
Whoa. You beat Pinstripe is under an hour. Nice!
Impressive! You beat the game without getting hurt!
You found all three secret rooms! Lookitchu!
Sniffity sniff sniff! You found all the clues!
Wow. You are such a butt head.
You are a nice guy. Congrats.
Ahhh. Now Georgie is warm and cozy.
You got the Tommy Gun! It's illegal!
Look at you! Sexy! Ready for prom! Ready to anything!
You collected 1,000 Frozen Drops! Time for rehab!
You caught 13 butterflies! You feel a surge of manly prowess!
You killed every monster!