Persona 5 Trophy List

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Earn all trophies.
Complete the Castle Palace.
Complete the Museum Palace.
Complete the Bank Palace.
Complete the Pyramid Palace.
Complete the Spaceport Palace.
Complete the Casino Palace.
Complete the Cruiser Palace.
Complete Mementos.
See the ending.
Form the Phantom Thieves.
Perform 50 Persona fusions.
Perform a Guillotine execution.
Hear 250 of Futaba's navigation lines.
Deal over 999 damage in a single attack.
Perform 50 All-out Attacks.
Exploit enemy weaknesses 100 times.
Obtain a Treasure Demon.
Defeat the twins.
Enter a special relationship with someone.
Obtain the Persona Arsene.
Complete the Persona Compendium.
Rank first place on your exams.
Max out one Confidant.
Max out all Confidants.
Perform a Baton Pass 3 times in a single turn.
Obtain a Persona through negotiation.
Obtain 30 Personas through negotiation.
Ambush the enemy 50 times.
Defeat the Reaper.
Buy every kind of drink from vending machines.
Max out all social stats.
Perform a Group Guillotine execution.
Perform a Gallows execution.
Perform an Electric Chair execution.
Learn a new Persona skill through Lockdown.
Successfully rescue a hostage from an enemy's threat.
Defeat 3 or more enemies at once with a single round of bullets.
Complete 5 requests.
Complete all requests.
Unlock all hangout spots.
Catch the Guardian of the fishing pond.
Obtain 150 items from searchable objects in Palaces.
Customize a gun.
Create all types of infiltration tools.
Read all books.
Create Satanael.
Complete all video games.
Hit a home run at the batting cages.