Outer Wilds Trophy List

How To Use
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Unlock all trophies.
Press the ejection button in the ship.
Manually fly to the Sun Station.
You tried to escape the solar system.
Reach the Eye of the universe in one loop.
De-orbit the Hearthian satellite.
Land the model rocket on Attlerock.
Enter Giant's Deep ocean fast enough to break through the current.
Pick up all traveler instruments simultaneously with your signalscope.
Bring an artifact back to the museum.
End a time loop (Alive) after having taken (and healed) over 1000 damage.
Launch your ship with a gravity cannon.
Die within 60 seconds of waking up.
Eat 10 burnt marshmallows.
Use your suit's oxygen in an ill-advised manner. Mark Watney's got nothing on you!
Destroy the Model Rocket by flying into the sun or Hollow's Lantern.
Complete the ship log.