Othercide Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Defeat The Surgeon
Defeat The Deacon
Defeat The Maid
Defeat The Child
Defeat Suffering
Defeat every boss in a single Recollection
Finish the tutorial by defeating all the enemies
Reach the Chronomap
Close the first Synapse
A Daughter is killed in battle.
A Scythedancer has been germinated
Start a new recollection
Resurrect one Daughter
Defeat 300 enemies
Loss 400 HP because of reactions or interruptions skills
Earn 5 traits on the same Daughter
Add one memory to a Daughter
Save a Bright Soul
Sacrifice a Bright Soul
Discover all story chapters
Activate all Remembrances
Sacrifice a Daughter
Sacrifice a Daughter with one memory attached
Spend 4,000 Vitae
Close 20 Synapses
Have a level 15 Daughter