One Night Stand Trophy List

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That's why they call it a one night stand.
You got rejected.
You became friends.
Honesty really is the best policy.
Escaped quickly and clothed.
Escaped during her moment of need.
You failed at the last hurdle.
You got caught wearing her underwear.
Sharing isn't caring.
You got thrown out.
You made a break for it.
She picked up her six-string.
You got thrown out without your clothes.
You got thrown out with your clothes on.
You successfully stole a pair of her panties.
You might want to double check the evidence...
You chose not to believe anything.
Order a fancy coffee.
Accuse her of drugging you.
You became a fan of Love IRL.
You choose to remain silent whenever possible.
You investigated every item in the game.
You receive another message from Gary.
You both felt the same way about the book, her writing and Love IRL.