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One More Dungeon is a Minecraft style 8-bit dungeon crawler with some limited RPG elements to it. The dungeons are randomly generated which means there are no detailed guides but there isn’t any major need for one either. The game has a fairly easy trophy list with a couple of missable trophies. The game itself is very short and can be beaten in less than 2 hours. There are 1 or 2 tricky trophies but for the most part, this is very easy. The main thing to be aware of with this game is the perma-death. Die once and its game over, back to the very start. It is for this reason that this is a fairly tough game.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 8-10 Hours
  • Difficulty : 6
  • Online Trophies : 0/16
  • Offline Trophies : 16/16
  • Num Playthroughs : 3
Missable Trophies: Full equipment

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Before getting started there are some critical things to know about this game. Knowing this now will save you a major issue later on. First thing is that the game has a perma-death system in place. When you die, it’s back to level 1 for you! Now the game is short, so it isn’t a massive death sentence. The game is a bit cheap. Since everything is random, it is highly possible that you will not get any ammo drops that work with your magic staff. Once you run out of staff crystals, you might as well start over.

There is also an item duplication glitch that can be incredibly useful for your Bring ’em on! Playthrough. When you find an item floating on the ground, press X to pick it up as normal. However, if you mash the shit out of X, you may get double or triple the item. So in the time it takes between pressing X the first time and the item being picked up, you will duplicate the item depending on how many times you pressed X again inside that window. This will let you duplicate items, which will end up being potions if you decide to use the cursed modifier for “Bring ‘em on”. I have tested this and it works on the Vita, but not on the PS4.


Playthrough 1

Start the game up and play through as normal. You will not have any modifiers unlocked yet, so this will just be a playthrough to get some trophies and earn modifier points. I am sure you will die a few times getting the hang of things, so enable the modifier that makes the enemies have half health as soon as you can. There are two trophies that you should make sure you get during this playthrough to save trouble later on as they are both missable.

Drink me 
Full set

All of the dungeons are randomly generated, so there is no point in making any notes about them to help you remember stuff later on in the game.


I Can’t See Anything Playthrough

This playthrough requires you to beat the game with either the “Fog” or “Broken Cartridge” mutator active. Since Fog is the most obstructive, I would suggest you go with Broken Cartridge. The descriptions below will tell you more about each.

Fog will reduce your view distance. Enemies that are too far away will not be visible when this is active. This can become a big problem for enemies with ranged attacks. You can’t see them coming until the last moment.

Broken Cartridge will change the background color and will also impact the normal colors of other items. This does make things confusing but overall it shouldn’t increase the chance of you getting killed as much as Fog does.

Enable one of these modifiers and complete the game.


Bring ‘Em On! Playthrough

This is the tricky one. Similar to the previous playthrough, you will be required to enable 1 of 2 possible mutators. Both of these mutatators are bitches to use. There is no clear mutator that is better to use. It all comes down to your play style. However, If you are able to get the item duplication glitch working, “Curse” becomes much easier to deal with as you will not have to worry about potions as much.

Curse: This will cause you to take 1 heart of damage every 30 seconds. If you are quick and fairly good at the game, this one is probably the best option. However, since there is a lot of randomness with this game, it can be easy to get mixed up or lost.

No Margin For Error: This will give you one single heart of health and will prevent you from being able to get any more. This means you will die a lot if you don’t take it slow. This can also be the most frustrating when you die for something really stupid.

Whichever you decide to go for, you can use the “It was easy” mutator on top of this to make things easier for you. Combined with the item duplication glitch, it won’t be as hard to get through this as it seems at first.



You should have all of the trophies at this stage. If you do not then this is the time to cleanup whatever is left. There shouldn’t be anything left that is of any trouble if you made sure to get the missable trophies out of the way.

Collect all the trophies
Complete the first level
Simply complete the first level.
Complete five levels
Will unlock after completing the fifth level.
Complete eight levels
Will unlock after you complete level 8.
Complete the game
Will unlock once you complete the game for the first time.
Start the game with any mutator
You will get this as you go along. Chances are you will need to use the mutator to half enemy health as soon as possible.
Buy all the mutators

You will earn points to purchase mutators as you play. Since you are going to be needing multiple playthroughs, you should have no issue earning enough points to purchase all of the mutators available.

I can't see anything!  and Bring 'em on!  requires you to beat the game with a specific mutator. You should aim to purchase these sooner rather than later so that you can earn more mutator points doing this playthrough.

Complete the game with "Fog" or "Broken cartridge" mutator

Broken cartridge is the least troublesome mutator so I would suggest you use this one. Fog makes the game a lot harder as it reduces the draw distance making it hard to see enemies in the distance. Broken cartridge messes with the colors which is annoying but less of a problem than the fog.. You will need 3000 points to purchase these mutators.

There is nothing stopping you from also applying the “It was easy” mutator to make things less difficult.

Complete the game with "No margin for error" or "Curse" mutator
This is the most difficult trophy in the game. Both of these mutators will make the game quite hard.
No margin for error: This will give you one single heart at the start and this is it. You will obviously die considerably easier with this as you will not be able to take damage. For this you will need to take it slow and be calculated with your movements.
Curse: You will lose 1 heart for every 30 seconds you spend in a dungeon. This means you need to be quick to get through the dungeons with minimal exploration and try to take as little damage as possible.

Which one you decide on depends on how you play. Do you think you can tear through the dungeons quickly or do you think you need to take it slow?

No matter which one you pick, be sure to use the “It was easy” mutator. This will reduce the health of enemies by half, making this run that little bit easier.
Squash 25 bugs
You will find lots of small yellow bugs running around the ground in level 3 and 4. They will try to run away from you when you go near, so you will need to go out of your way to kill 25 of them. Cornering them and then squashing them is usually the best way to get this done.
Finish the level in under 3 minutes
This is best attempted on level 1. You should try this during the trophy cleanup at the end. This way you will have enough practice with the game that you will have the best chance at executing things without mistakes or better, you might have done it by accident. Don’t waste any time after killing the boss. The level isn’t “finished” until you get to the exit. Since the levels are randomly generated, you will need to be on your A game to get through it quick. Just be familiar with the weapons and enemies.
Die after drinking the poison
You will find poison vials in various locations throughout the game. It is best to get this done as soon as you can. If you go too far and can’t find any more, you will end up having to play the game again to get this trophy.
Kill the Ancient Necromancer
You will get this after you kill the boss in level 6.
Kill the Elder Flower
You will get this when you kill the boss in level 3.
Spend 50 coins
These coins are random and do not appear very often. Collecting 50 will be time consuming. You will find randomly merchants now and then that sell weapons and other stuff. Use the coins at these vendors.

A quick way to get this is to save up the coins you have and once you have 10 or so you can cheat this a bit. Once you start a level and find a merchant. Spend the coins, quit and reload the game save. The game will count the previous coins you spent even though you have them all back now.
Put the items in all the inventory slots
If you miss out on chances to get the equipment needed, you will need to replay the game to get this trophy. Depending on the mutators you use, you might have 2 or 3 chances to get this trophy. You are best off getting it out of the way as soon as possible. Missable trophies are always a pain in the ass so if you make a mistake and miss one on your first playthrough, you will be able to do it on the second run.

There is no strict guide for this. You can get all of the pieces you need so long as you search around. Merchants will be the best source of the gear you need. While aiming for this trophy, focus on filling all slots before considering any better gear.