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Welcome to the Obduction Trophy Guide for the Playstation 4. This game has a fairly easy trophy list, most of which can be unlocked by progressing through the game. The trophies will unlock automatically. The trophies that involve bringing water to the tree roots are fairly long to explain, but they are part of the story, so they cant really be missed. If you get stuck during any of the puzzles for these trophies, check out the video walkthrough embedded on each of the trophies.

Credit to Fredericma45 Gaming for the video guides.

  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 10-15 Hours
  • Difficulty : 4/10
  • Online Trophies : 0/15
  • Offline Trophies : 15/15
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

Obduction has a fairly easy trophy list which is also quite short making this platinum fairly easy to unlock. There is a really good video guide by Fredericma45 Gaming that will give you the full walkthrough for the 4 main worlds. IF you get stuck at any points, refer to the video guides in the following 4 trophies.

  • The Glow Must Flow
  • Chain My Heart
  • Verdant Pulse
  • My Heart Soars

I have listed the world where you unlock the trophy in each of the trophies that do not make it clear. You should be able to get most of these trophies without too much trouble as they do not require anything crazy with the exception of Eggcellent! which might not be so straight forward. There was a detailed guide posted on the steam community that I have linked to in the guide for the trophy. I would suggest you check this one out when the time comes to make sure you dont miss out on it.

You have become the space pinecone (unlocked all trophies).

Unlocks automatically once you have unlocked all other trophies in the game.

Destroyed the Bleeder in Hunrath.

World : Hunrath

Get above CW's room and use the cell wall to warp over by the bleeder. Turn on the switch and then go up the tower and use the detonator there to blow up the dynamite. This starts the ending sequence.

Redirected the water in Hunrath.

World : Hunrath

Pull the switch above CW's room to change the direction of the water and unlock the trophy.


Viewed an Easter Egg.

World : Kaptar

This trophy is unlocked using the same machine from the "Sweet Revenge" trophy. You can only get this trophy after you have unlocked "Sweet Revenge" as the machine needs to be broken. This was a tricky one to unlock and caused confusion for people on the PC version as the code you need to enter is different for every version of the game, I have not confirmed whether this is the case for the PS4 version of the game, but we can assume so. There is a brilliant guide on steam that will explain how to get this trophy in great detail, but it contains some spoilers, so do not read this until you are ready to unlock this trophy http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=752129037.

To give a TL;DR for this guide, you need to get the box from "Sweet Revenge" off the ground and enter a code e.g."01189998819991197253" into the box using the keypad and press the return button to finish. The lights will be flashing on the box and this means it is ready for the easter egg code, so once doing this you can head back to Farleys house and turn on the projector where the map was.

Connected Hunrath to the Heart.

You need to get water down to the roots of the Hunrath tree. You do this by directing the water down from the water tower using the lever. It will take quite a bit of work to get this much done as there are a lot of puzzles in the way between this water tower and you being able to get to the tree. I have written a speed run for this level as there are a lot of puzzles and riddles that can be skipped in order to get this trophy much faster. 

Click here to view the Hunrath to the heart speed run guide. 



Connected Kaptar to the Heart.

Similar to the requirements for "The Glow Must Flow". Get the water to flow down to the roots of the Kaptar tree. You will need to complete all of the puzzles to get it down to the tree.

Connected Maray to the Heart.

Complete all of the puzzles in the world to bring the water down to the tree. Check out the video guide below if you get stuck here.

Connected Soria to the Heart.

This world does not contain any puzzles to complete, but you still need to get the water to the tree roots. You will need to destroy the Mofang rocks near the river in Hunrath and complete the Maray puzzles in order to get this trophy. 

Destroyed the Box of Infinite Complexity.

World : Kaptar

You can see this trophy being obtained if you view the video walkthrough for "Chain My Heart". This trophy will be unlocked at 42:47. You need to destroy the box that has all of the buttons and controls on it. You will need to use the code you found in the room with the skeleton and the scale. Enter the code into the box when it is raised off the ground to get the trophy.

Approached an active Mofang WMD.

World : Maray

This trophy is missable if you destroy it before approaching it. Just like the trophy description says. Skip forward to 20:38 in the video walkthrough for "Verdant Pulse" to see this trophy being unlocked.

Found Farley's Pod in the Silo.

World : Maray (tropical world)

To get this you will need to find Farley's pod number. You can do this by checking the book nearby and then calculating the pattern of the number and enter it onto the machine to find the pod and unlock the trophy. If you are having issues check the video walkthrough for the "Verdant Pulse" trophy in this trophy guide and skip forward to 7:42.

View Earth from Soria.

World : Soria

When you get to Soria, walk straight ahead and you will get to a cliff that lets you see Arizona. If you are unable to get this, check the video walkthrough for "My Heart Soars" in this trophy guide. You will see how to unlock this trophy at 16:20.

Returned to Earth.

This is one of the games possible endings. You can get this ending you must have CWs battery connected. Make a save and back it up before the ending, you can then load it up and unlock "Scattered Seeds" by taking the other alternative.

Left the Nest.

This trophy is the alternative to "Home Run" the same thing, but you need to have CWs battery disconnected.

Checked in with CW after turning on the power.

This requires you to turn on the power in the train yard. You will need to transfer fuel to the engine using the gas pump. Once this is done go back and talk with CW to get the trophy.