Nioh Trophy List

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Acquired 40 gestures.
Collected all Kodama.
Collected all Guardian Spirits.
Became Ryunoshin the dung lover's best friend.
Used the mask of an ugly fellow to defeat an enemy.
Lit all three evil-warding bonfires in Itsukushima.
Collected all fragments of the Hiragumo teakettle from Shigisan.
Defeated the Nue of Mount Hiei.
Defeated Derrick the Executioner.
Obtained all trophies.
Completed "The Man with the Guardian Spirit".
Completed "Deep in the Shadows."
Completed "The Ocean Roars Again."
Completed "The Demon of Mount Hiei."
Met with Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Witnessed Tokugawa's forces head toward a decisive battle.
Completed "The Source of Evil."
Completed "The Samurai from Sawayama."
Completed "The Demon King Revealed."
Completed "The Queen's Eyes."
Made two circuits around Japan.
Completed all missions.
Reached level 10.
Reached level 100.
Reached maximum proficiency with your first weapon.
Acquired mystic art for the sword.
Acquired mystic art for the dual swords.
Acquired mystic art for the spear.
Acquired mystic art for the axe.
Acquired mystic art for the kusarigama.
Acquired mystic art for Ninjutsu.
Acquired mystic art for Onmyo Magic.
Used a disguise.
Changed your hair style or beard.
Changed the appearance of an item.
Forged an item.
Found Muramasa and brought him in.
Made a total of 60 requests at the blacksmith.
Collected all the best materials.
Completed 10 missions with NPC or in the “Yokai Realm with a companion” with other users.
Communicated with a yokai 10 times.
Confused an enemy for the first time.
Completed your first Twilight mission.
Bathed in first hot spring.
Obtained first divine item.
Defeated all types of yokai.
Bathed in every hot spring.