Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon Trophy List

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Acquire all trophies.
Take Nero as a Servan.
Take Froid as a Servan.
Take Hexer as a Servan.
Take Vol as a Servan.
Take Aile as a Servan.
Take Farfalla as a Servan.
Take Pitz as a Servan.
Take Scharf as a Servan.
Take Feuille as a Servan.
Take Spora as a Servan.
Take Kaede as a Servan.
Take Alice as a Servan.
Take Perie as a Servan.
Take Dur as a Servan.
Take Glanz as a Servan.
Take Dampf as a Servan.
Complete the Prologue.
Complete Chapter 1.
Complete Chapter 2.
Complete Chapter 3.
Complete Chapter 5.
Complete Chapter 6.
Complete Chapter 7.
See the ending in which Aluche dies.
See the ending in which Aluche lives.
See the Lily afterstories.
Max out Liliana's Affinity Lvl.
Max out Ruenheid's Affinity Lvl.
Max out Camilla's Affinity Lvl.
Max out Veruschka's Affinity Lvl.
Max out Eleanor's Affinity Lvl.
Max out Muveil's Affinity Lvl.
Max out Arnice's Affinity Lvl.
Collect over 30% of all items.
Collect over 100% of all items.
Raise Equipment Level to 10.
Raise Equipment Level to 30.
Level up a Servan.
Level up a Servan and evolve them.
Reincarnate a Servan.
Make a Servan undergo Ultimate Evolution.
Slay over 30% of fiends.
Slay 100% of fiends.
Complete 10 sub-quests.
Complete 50 sub-quests.
Acquire Arnice as a Lily.
Raise Aluche to Lvl 50 through Blood Offerings.
Open all treasure boxes.
Pass 100 days in-game.
Acquire all of Aluche's abilities.