Night in the Woods Trophy List

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To Donut Hell
Well, that could have gone better. Also, a lot worse.
Huh. Ok then. Hm.
Oh no. Oh no no no no.
Shorter Days, Longer Nights
Proximity counts.
Long after we’re gone the kids will still talk about it.
And it’s here. And there’s a trampoline!
“Everything Sucks Forever” says 15 year old horror aficionado and train tracks lurker Lori M.
Feed them once and they’re yours.
Hope springs, rats multiply.
That sounds like someone’s name if they could name themselves at age 10.
!!!You have ascended the Demon’s Tower!!!
Stop the bleeding.
Well, that was weird.
Again, that was weird.
as long as it will.
Spooky magic or something. Who knows.
It’s just four strings, how hard could it possibly be?
Four strings and the spite to use ‘em.
Everything feels bigger and smaller.
No Bobs, No Masters
Those had someone else’s mouth germs on them!
That was evidence. Probably. Geez.
Let’s not pretend it was skill.
Slasher, stabber, all around knifer.
A killer’s eye.
Music fills empty spaces.
A blueness, a youness, a dankness, a thankness.
All sketches? We made the game and have never gotten this. Wow.