Neon Abyss Trophy List

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Made deals with Smirk Co. 99 times.
Opened 999 locked chests.
Jumped 9999 times.
Entered the Abyss for the 999th time.
Stepped on worms 999 times.
Played the Roulette machine 99 times.
Finish watching the credits.
Jumped 10 times in the air before landing.
Acquire 10 heart containers in a run.
Acquire 10 shields in a run.
Found 5 secret rooms in a row.
Defeat God of Machines without getting hurt.
Complete a run without losing any hearts.
Kill Athena in Abyssal Difficulty.
Complete a run without picking up any hearts.
Unlock Abyssal difficulty.
Empty 4 shops in a single run.
Defeat Argus without picking up any items.
Dance in the bar for 30 minutes.
Defeat God of Darknet.
Defeat God of Machines.
Defeat God of Violence.
Defeat Goddess of Illusion.
Defeat God of Electricity.
Collect all Trophies
Death is another beginning.
Get killed by your own bombs.
Get killed by your own bomb while in the air.
Get 50 eggs in a single run.
Successfully hatch eggs 5 times in a row.
Failed to hatch eggs 5 times in a row.
Get killed by environmental damage 9 times.
Unlock 6 Characters.
Died in the Abyss 99 times.
Found 99 secret rooms.
Completed the Piano challenge 10 times.
Fished 10 times in the fishing room.