NBA Live 14 Trophy List

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Collect All Trophies
Create a LIVE Ultimate Team
Build a LIVE Ultimate Team consisting of only Gold Level Players
Complete a Fantasy Showdown series in LIVE Ultimate Team
Open a pack that contains a rare Player in LIVE Ultimate Team
Reconstruct any NBA team in LIVE Ultimate Team
Play a Finals Game in Head to Head Seasons
Play a Head to Head Seasons Game
Get to League 3 in Head to Head Seasons
Get to League 10 in Head to Head Seasons
Win an Online Tournament in Head to Head Seasons
Average a triple double for a whole season with one player
Make a trade for a player that is over 85 overall in Dynasty
Sweep a Playoff Series in Dynasty Mode
Complete 1 GM Objective in Dynasty Mode
Scout a player with an A potential rating before the Draft in Dynasty
Max out any staff member
Complete half of your GM Objectives in a single season
Win a Championship in Dynasty Mode
Reach an Overall Rating of 85 in Rising Star Mode
Reach an Overall Rating of 90 in Rising Star Mode
Reach an Overall Rating of 95 in Rising Star Mode
Win a Championship in Rising Star Mode
Win the MVP in Rising Star Mode
Make the All-Star Team in Rising Star Mode
Complete a LIVE Season challenge
Post a better score than a Friend in any LIVE Season challenge
Complete all BIG Moments for one day
Complete all objectives in an NBA Rewind game
Earn a Total Challenge Score of at least 3000
Complete 30 LIVE Season challenges
Reach Level 25 in EAS HoopsNet
Reach Level 50 in EAS HoopsNet
Your starting 5 all score in double figures
Make a 3 point shot with a defender in your face
Have a player come off the bench and score 20 points in a game
Have a player get a triple double in a single player game
Get a quadrouple-double in a single player game
Get at least five in the five main stat categories in a single player game
Make 10 three point shots shooting >40% for the game
Outrebound your opponent by 15 in an online Head to Head game
Have a steal lead to a fast break basket
Come back and win the game after being down by 25 or more in the second half in a single player game
Lead for an entire game in a single player game
Call a play that ends up in a bucket
Dunk on an opposing player who is trying to block your shot
Have every player on your team score in a single player game
Score after an opponent's basket with less than 7 seconds on the game clock in an online Head to Head game
Hit your first 7 three pointers in a row with a single player
Get 3 blocks in one possession with any team