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Cleared an Ally Event for the first time.
Caused a Team Bonus in a 4-person battle.
D Rank Entry Tournament cleared.
C Rank Beginner Tournament cleared.
B Rank Intermediate Tournament cleared.
A Rank Advanced Tournament cleared.
S Rank Special Tournament cleared.
S+ Rank Ultimate Tournament cleared.
Cleared the Mecha-Naruto story.
Cleared all D Rank Challenges.
Cleared all C Rank Challenges.
Cleared all B Rank Challenges.
Cleared all A Rank Challenges.
Cleared all S Rank Challenges.
Did an Ultimate Finish.
Finished the opponent off with a Team Ultimate Jutsu.
Did a 50 combo attack.
Successfully used a Counterattack.
Hit a Guard Break attack.
Landed a Combo Ultimate Jutsu.
Won a battle without taking a single hit.
Hit a Seal Barrier.
Finished the opponent off using True Awakening.
Finished the opponent off using Support Drive 2.
Used a discount coupon.
Used a lottery ticket.
Used a medal.
Customized a character.
Defeated 30 opponents in Ultimate Survival.
Cleared all Beginner Ability Cap Survival challenges.
Cleared all Intermediate Ability Cap Survival challenges.
Cleared all Advanced Ability Cap Survival challenges.
Won a tournament for the first time.
Won an Ever-Changing Tournament for the first time.
Won a Free Battle League for the first time.
Won the Ever-Changing League for the first time.
Cleared out Beginner Challenge League.
Cleared out Intermediate Challenge League.
Cleared out Advanced Challenge League.
Acquired all Trophies.
"Creation of the Akatsuki" cleared.
Achieve Rank S in all 5 battles in "Creation of the Akatsuki".
"The Two Uchiha" cleared.
Achieve Rank S in both battles in "The Two Uchiha".
"The Far Reaches of Hope" cleared.
Acquired an Ultimate Jutsu Orb.
Acquired an Awakening Orb.
Activated a rail action.
Forced an opponent out of a 4-Person Battle.
Finished a job for the first time.