Mortal Kombat X Trophy List

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Flip Stance 10 times with a Kombat Pack 2 character during a Fatality sequence in an Online match
Perform a Klassic Fatality in a Klassic skin
Perform Bo' Rai Cho's Drinking special 10 times during a match in the Klassic Tower
Throw 5 Face Huggers during a match with Alien in the Klassic Tower
Win a match after connecting all attacks from Leatherface's Berserker Stance in the Klassic Tower
Win 5 complete matches with each Robot Type
Complete the Klassic Tower with one of the Kombat Pack 2 characters
Jump back and forth over your opponent 5 times during the Fatality sequence and perform a Fatality
All Trophies Unlocked
Complete a single Tower
Complete a Tower with every character
Complete 10 Living Towers
Complete 50 Living Towers
Win a single Tower Challenge
Send a Tower Challenge to a friend
Reach level 5 in any faction
Reach level 50 in any faction
Reach level 50 in all factions
Become a member of every faction
Win a match by time out
Find a secret fight in the Living Towers
View Kombat Kard
Reach personal level 10 in XP
Reach personal level 65 in XP
Complete 50% of Story Mode
Complete 100% of Story Mode
Win 1 complete online match
Play 100 complete online matches
Win 5 complete Klassic King of the hill matches
Win 1 complete Klassic King of the hill match
Give Respect points in a King of the hill match
Earn 1,000 Respect points
Confront a beast within the Krypt
Win 1 Tower Battle
Win 5 Tower Battles
Complete 1 Tower Battle
Win 1 complete match in Survivor King of the Hill
Reach a 10 complete game win streak in Ranked 1v1 matches
Enter Practice mode
Play 200 complete online matches
Complete Tutorial
Perform a 10 hit combo with every character
Perform 1 Fatality in a match
Perform a Fatality in a match with every character
Perform 100 Fatalities in matches
Perform 1 Brutality
Perform 50 Brutalities
Perform every character's X-Ray
Win a single complete match with every character variation
Beat an opponent while they still have 90% health and you have 10% or less health remaining
Play every character variation
Spill 1,000 pints of blood
Hit someone with the old lady Level Interaction
Kill yourself with Kotal Kahn for 1 round and win the match
Equip a new Background image
Equip a new Icon
Equip a new Border
Jump 30 times in 1 match
Duck 30 times during Fatality sequence
Equip a Background, Icon and Border set
Play 7 complete Test Your Luck matches
Unlock 50 Kustom Kombat Modifiers
Create a sun ray with Kotal Kahn and perform a flip stance 5 times while in the ray
Complete a Test Your Might Tower
See all Test Your Might deaths
Play an Invasion Boss fight
Deal 1,000 total hits during Invasion Boss fights
Complete an Invasion Tower
Win an Invasion 1v1 fight
Perform the Pit Stage Fatality with Leatherface in the Klassic Tower
Perform the Kove Stage Fatality with Triborg in the Klassic Tower
Perform a Stage Brutality with Alien in the Klassic Tower
Don't perform a Kombo over 4 hits with Bo' Rai Cho and win a complete Online Ranked 1v1 match
Win the match with your opponent stepping on Caltrops