Moon Hunters Trophy List

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Collect all the trophies.
Defeat the Sun Cult.
Submit to the Sun Cult's ultimate weapon.
Destroy the Sun Cult's ultimate weapon.
Refuse a direct order from Issar.
Follow the ancient rituals.
Seduce the King.
Rebel against your own brother.
Forgive your enemy as a priestess.
Complete the game as quadruplets.
Complete the game as yin and yang together.
Learn how to talk to animals from a witch's cat.
Learn how to talk to spirits in the afterworld.
Convince the Sun Cultist to join you.
Convince the Songweaver to join you.
Convince a gryphon to join you.
Borrow Frigga's boar.
Make friends with a man that has no tribe.
Dance with a maenad.
Meet the wind spirit of the mountains.
Delve into a Sun Cultist ziggurat.
Impress a child with your bravery.
Suffer the wrath of the River Queen.
Pray with Kubele to the Queen of Heaven.
Pray with Enkidu to the Great Mother.
Pray with Dumuzi to the Pale Dancer.
Pray with Enheduanna to the Silver Sister.
Confront the Sun Cult on their home turf.
Come face to face with the Goddess as an unbeliever.
Find a place for each player class in the heavens at the same time.
Fill the sky with all the constellations.
Remember the Holy River.
Remember the people of the mountains.
Remember the people of the river.
Fill your pockets.
Fill your cupboards.
Fill your cookbook.
Commune with all of your ancestors.
End Gilgamesh's old foe.
Defy the natural order.
Research each aspect of the Moon Goddess.
The Sun Cult is victorious.