Mayhem 3D Trophy List

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Unlock every trophy in the game
Unlock issue 3, "Date With Disaster"
Unlock issue 4, "Blue Ribbon Brawl"
Unlock issue 5, "Toro! Toro! Toro!"
Unlock issue 6, "Mixed Up Mayhem"
Unlock issue 7, "Unleash The Beasts"
Unlock issue 8, "A New Level Of Mayhem"
Unlock issue 9, "The Final Standoff"
Complete the career
"Rules Of The Road" - Perfect score
"Dead Man At The Gorge" - Perfect score
"Date With Disaster" - Perfect score
"Blue Ribbon Brawl" - Perfect score
"Toro! Toro! Toro!" - Perfect score
"Mixed Up Mayhem" - Perfect score
"Unleash The Beasts" - Perfect score
"A New Level Of Mayhem" - Perfect score
"The Final Standoff" - Perfect score
Get 100% completion on the career
Watch a saved replay in the replay theater
Collect 25 career stars
Collect 100 career stars
Earn 20,000 mayhem points
Earn 100,000 mayhem points
Earn 3,000 mayhem points in a single event (excluding challenge events)
Collect 20 vehicle parts in a single event (excluding challenge events)
Unlock every level
Unlock every vehicle
Unlock all game options
KO an opponent with ramming speed (excluding challenge events)
Hit 4 opponents with a single ramming speed boost (excluding challenge events)
Use a stunned vehicle to push another vehicle into a pit (excluding challenge events)
Climb out of elimination position after having seen the crossbones
Win an exhibition event on insane difficulty (minimum of 7 opponents)
Win an online race
Win an online demolition derby
Win 3 games in a single online session
Win 5 games in a single online session