Lost Ember Trophy List

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Unlocked all other trophies
Played 10 different animals
Played all animals
Spread spores of each mushroom kind
Found 30 mushrooms
Found 50 mushrooms
Found 70 mushrooms
Found all mushrooms
Triggered 5 memories
Triggered 20 memories
Triggered all memories
Found 5 relics
Found 25 relics
Found 50 relics
Found all relics
Found a legendary animals
Found and possessed 3 legendary animals
Found and possessed all available legendary animals
Rolled for a mile
Spent a bunch of time in the air
Damaged over 20 remains from the old days
Spent a bunch of time underground
Spent a bunch of time underwater
Found a weird cube-shaped thing
Found a weird triangle-shaped thing
Found a weird tube-shaped thing
Found a weird... shaped thing
Found a weird sphere-shaped thing
Found a weird fashion-shaped thing
Found an odd mini-game
Got through the Flappy Duckling level
Had too many berries.
Found the golden statue