Light Fairytale Episode 1 Trophy List

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Clear all the trophies.
Try to return to the cliff just after the opening cutscene.
Get a bomb from the hiding cat girl.
Talk to some NPCs from behind.
Slip near the cliff.
Rest at Haru's place before the fortune teller event.
Check the gray duck at the park with Kuroko.
Find hiding Kuroko.
Overhear the station soldiers talking.
Talk to the sprinting scavenger.
Talk to angry Kuroko.
Win your 1st battle.
Get used to your A.R. goggles before the 1st battle.
Rest during the spiders battles.
Check the fizzle vending machine before the fortune teller event.
Check the class 3 A.R. goggles before talking to Daisuke.
Do better than Kuroko's high score.
Get the ground credits in level 1 or 2 after the fortune teller event.
Give back Emiko's credits.
Get caught during the stealth minigame.
Get a high score of 75+ in the stealth minigame.
Get the stealth contest's ultimate prize.
Get an orb from the former number one.
Go to the corridor with Miyu's materials.
Complete Haru's story.
Complete Kuroko's story.
Reach the fury status during a battle.
Do a 100+ single HP damage to an enemy.
Do a 250+ single HP damage to an enemy.