Indiecalypse Trophy List

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Earn all other trophies
Speak with "Jandu"
Finish the first chapter
Finish the second chapter
Finish the third chapter
Finish the fourth chapter
Finish the fifth chapter
Finish the sixth chapter
Finish the seventh chapter
Play "Code Hero"
Play "Splatpoo"
Play "Enter the Classgun"
Play "The Binding of Jack"
Play "Jack Trip"
Play "Mortal Daddy"
Play "Cooking Roach"
Play "Geometry Jack"
Play "Shower with your Grandpa"
Play "Makeup your Princess Granny"
Play "Dollar Toss"
Play "Super Duck Punch"
Play "Burgers Please"
Play "Follow the Keytar"
Play "Super 3D Osbourne's Ark"
Play "Cooking Bad"
Play "Call of Rats"
Play "Dino Jump"
Play "Tiny Chicks"
Play "Pitch Battle"
Play "Bloodhead"
Play "Groomer"
Play "Fly Hunt"
Play "Uvergeddon"
Play "Crunch"
Play "Hotline Asylum"