Hidden Agenda Trophy List

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Earn all other trophies
Becky uncovers Adam's backstory
Becky is drugged
Becky's partner helps her escape the cops
Felicity tricks the killer into an ambush
Vernon LeMay falls to his death
Becky catches a prowler in the cabin
The investigation hits a deadend
Becky finds Father Rominski's "Play Room"
Simon is revealed as the Trapper
Felicity breaks into Simon's residence
Becky links the hooker to two previous murders
Felicity convinces Judge Vanstone to release Finn
Finn escapes from police custody
Finn leads Becky to Adam
Finn teams up with Adam
Becky dies in an explosion
Becky defuses a bomb
Becky shoots Judge Vanstone
Becky murders her sergeant
The Trapper is arrested
The Trapper dies
Daniella Cárdenas identifies the Trapper
Becky tells Finn about Calvary's murder
Felicity burns to death
Becky and Felicity both die
The Trapper tries to commit suicide
Becky swears at her partner
Becky finds the spycam
Make your first choice
Complete the game without ever using a weapon
Don't shoot during a combat event
Find every clue in a single search
Succeed on a Quick Time Event
Complete Story Mode
Complete Competitive Mode
Takeover a takeover
Unanimously identify who has the Hidden Agenda
Unanimously agree on a Trust question
Win a Hidden Agenda
Foil a Hidden Agenda
Complete an Endgame Agenda