Hex Tunnel Touch Trophy Guide

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This game is a fairly trippy experience. You will travel through procedurally generated tunnels and need to dodge all of the obstacles in them to get to the end. Once you get to the end..you get a trophy. I don’t think there is any reason to play this game outside of the trophies.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 1-2 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0/16
  • Offline Trophies : 16/16
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

There are no missable trophies and there is really no need for a proper trophy guide or roadmap for this game. I would suggest you start with the ice tunnel as this one is easy and it will get you more familiar with how the game works. Once you have spent 10 minutes getting the hang of it, you should get through the rest of the game in an hour or 2. Chaos is one of the more difficult levels, so save this one for last.

I played the touch version of the game, but I believe the VR game is the exact same, you just use your head to move. With the touch version of the game, you will need to use R2 and L2 to move up and down and swipe left and right on the touchpad to move left and right. These controls are not very user-friendly and it can be quite difficult at times to make it through some of the levels.

All of the levels are procedurally generated. This means they will be different every time you play. There is no way you can memorize the tunnel to prepare for the more difficult parts. You may get lucky and the randomly generated level will be easy. Keep trying anyway and eventually, a level that is easy enough will come your way. For the most part, sticking to the bottom of the level works best, but there are several ways to go about it.

Complete Ice, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Chaos and Ultra
Sold your soul for another platinum.
50 percent complete
Complete the first 2 tunnels in chaos mode.
Reach the exit
Chaos is a combination of all of the elements. You are best off waiting until you have all of the other tunnels complete. You will be familiar with the game and have a good idea of the obstacles you are going to encounter for each of the elements.
50 percent complete
Complete the first 2 tunnels for this mode.
Reach the exit
While the speed is faster in ultra, the obstacles are not as difficult. You should have too much trouble with this one.
50 percent complete
Complete the first 2 tunnels of ice to get the trophy.
Reach the exit
Ice is probably the easiest one of them all. Completing this first is a good idea since you won't be under too much pressure as you get the hang of things.
50 percent complete
Complete the first 2 tunnels of fire.
Reach the exit
Fire can be tricky at times as there is a lot of red and it can be difficult at times to distinguish what is an obstacle and what isn’t. Generally, the best strategy for fire is to stick to the left or right side of the tunnel. It will make dodging most of the obstacles a lot easier.
50 percent complete
Complete the first 2 tunnels of water to get this trophy.
Reach the exit
The biggest challenge you will find in this tunnel type are the large walls that will block most of the tunnel bar an opening on the top, bottom or sides. If you are not prepared for these, it will be very hard for you to get into the right position to make it through the openings. The other obstacles are not too tricky in this one, so try to look ahead and if you spot that most of the tunnel is looking blocked, immediately find the opening and position yourself in a way that will allow you to make it through in one piece.
50 percent complete
Complete the first 2 tunnels of Earth.
Reach the exit
The earth tunnel shouldn’t provide you with too much difficulty. If you stay toward the bottom of the tunnel, you will make it past most of the obstacles. Now and then you will need to dodge some things, but for the most part, the bottom is going to be the safest place to be.
50 percent complete
Complete the first 2 tunnels of air.
Reach the exit
This one can be tough at times as the level is very trippy and the large particle areas will block your view ahead and can cause you to crash into something that is hidden behind them. Most of the level is made up of curved pipes so if you stay around the center, you will be able to dodge them with a minimal amount of effort.
Die once. Should be a challenge to get all other trophies without getting this one.