Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear Trophy List

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Collect all the trophies.
Complete the 2nd mission.
Complete the 3rd mission.
Complete the 5th mission.
Complete the 7th mission.
Complete the 8th mission.
Complete the 10th mission.
Complete the 12th mission.
Complete all missions in Rookie Mode.
Complete all missions in Veteran Mode.
Score 250 total kills.
Score 500 total kills.
Score 1,000 total kills.
Perform 50 headshots in total.
Perform 100 headshots in total.
Perform 150 headshots in total.
Perform 4 splash damage kills simultaneously.
Perform 5 splash damage kills simultaneously.
Perform 6 splash damage kills simultaneously.
Chain together 5 consecutive kills.
Chain together 7 consecutive kills.
Chain together 10 consecutive kills.
Find and destroy 50% of special objects.
Find and destroy 75% of special objects.
Find and destroy 100% of special objects.
Fire 25,000 rounds of ammunition.
Finish any mission with 5% or less accuracy.
Score 15 long range kills in total.
Score 50 long range kills in total.
Destroy 200 objects in total.
Destroy 500 objects in total.
Destroy 1000 objects in total.