Harvest Moon: Mad Dash Trophy List

How To Use
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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
  • Use the controls toggle hidden and unlocked trophies.
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  • Clicking on highlighted trophies in text will show you a preview. Click the preview to quickly scroll to that trophy.
Collect all Trophies!
Complete 10 Stages!
Complete 20 Stages!
Complete 30 Stages!
Complete 40 Stages!
Complete 50 Stages!
Complete 60 Stages!
Complete 70 Stages!
Complete 80 Stages!
Complete 90 Stages!
Complete all Stages!
Get three stars on all Stages!
Have a crop die...
Use one hay bale to feed 4 livestock!
Hit the fishing button 30 times during a fight!
Harvest a 3 x 3 item!
Harvest a 5 x 5 item!
Harvest a 7 x 7 item!
Activate Power Mode 100 times!
Activate Power Mode with one second left!
Activate Power Mode 5 times on the same Stage!
Get a Time Seed for the first time!
Get 4 Time Seeds!
Get all the Time Seeds!
Get hit by a wild boar, coconut, or magma 30 times.
Harvest a 5 x 5 coconut water!
Freeze the whole field...
Harvest all types of items!