Golem Trophy List

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Earn ALL Trophies
Master the Incline Controls
Learn why you should always bring a light with you
Find Sky's workshop
Meet your fate at the Tide Gate
Unlock a Tide door with the right mask
Open the way when a golem won't fit
Unlock a Storm door
Unlock a Flame door
Discover the fate of the Sleepers
Recover Sky's dreamstone
Find a way to open a Rust door
Rescue Sky from her trap
Confront the Iron Golem
Defeat 30 ancient Sword Golems
Defeat 15 powerful Halberd Golems
Defeat 15 deadly Mace Golems
Defeat 35 crafty Dust Golems
Defeat 5 enormous Stone Axe Golems
Defeat 100 Golems of the Silent Watch
Collect all the Echoes that teach about Dreaming
Collect all the Echoes related to your family
Collect all the Echoes about the history of the Endless City
Collect all the Echoes from River that tell her story
Collect all 100 Echoes hidden in the city
Scavenge for all the golem artifacts
Find all the treasures in the city
Discover the hidden gems
Collect all 100 treasure items