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This trophy list pretty much covers everything that the game has to offer. There aren't any trophies that will give you a real hard time other than beating the game on Titan difficulty. You should be able to beat the game on Titan mode first time around if you are familiar with the series. If you have never played God of War before then it might be best to beat the game on normal before taking on Titan difficulty.
  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 12 Hours
  • Difficulty : 3
  • Online Trophies : 0
  • Offline Trophies : 36
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

If this is your first time playing then you will likely find Titan difficulty quite hard. It is still possible to beat, but just be prepared for a hard time as it helps to be familiar with things before jumping into it.

The main thing to focus on from the start is collecting as many red orbs as possible. Smash all the pots and breakable things you find, kill all the enemies you see and of course keep an eye out for all the chests. I suggest you follow the guides to collect all the feathers, eyes and horns. Once you have collected 12 of each the remaining chests are filled with red orbs which will greatly speed up the time it takes for you to upgrade all of your weapons. Having fully upgraded weapons will greatly help on Titan.

There are a few missable trophies, but they are mostly collectible trophies and you should be relying on these collectables bonuses to get you through the game.

Most of the trophies are story related, so you will have the vast majority of them without any effort. This lets you focus on the collectables.

Once you have beaten the game on Titan you should only have a single trophy left to get and that is for the challenges. These are tough as hell at times, but they are all possible. Check out the guide below for a video for each of the challenges.


Collect all of the other trophies in the game and this will unlock after the final trophy unlocks.

Kill Poseidon

Story related, can't be missed.

Acquire the Bow of Apollo

When you are trying to escape from Hades you will find a man tied to a chair behind fire thorns. This guy will ask you to help him and he will offer you the bow in return for your troubles. The video guide below will guide you through the process of getting the bow.

Discover the secret 'Hades Arm' room

When you are in Hades for the first time you will come to a puzzle where you have to push brambles into a fire in order to create more smoke for you to fly up and pull the platform down. When you grab onto this platform climb up on top of it and open the door that is in front of you. The trophy should pop once you go through the door.

Kill Helios

Story related, can't be missed.

Kill Hermes and acquire his Boots

Story related, can't be missed.

Kill the Poseidon Princess

Story related, can't be missed.

When you are in the Poseidon Chamber after the Hercules boss fight you will meet a girl that needs help. This is the Poseidon Princess. Proceed to help her out by carrying her around and placing her on a switch to open a door. She will eventually get crushed by a door and you will get the trophy then.

Successfully entertain Aphrodite

Like all past God of War games, there is a sex mini game that you need to complete. You will come across this after leaving Poseidon's Chamber. There will be a bed with Aphrodite and 2 other women. Speak with her and the option for the minigame will come up. The minigame can be a bit tricky at times since it's a long series of QTE button clicks. Once you complete it all and make it to the end you will get the trophy.

Sever Gaia’s hand

Story related, can't be missed.

As you are climbing up the mountian you will meet Gaia who is blocking your way. After talking with her you will get to her hand where you will have the chance to cut it off. You can't miss this so no need to worry too much.

Open the Gates of Tisiphone

Story related, can't be missed.

You will need to defeat to Chimera enemies, which is quite tough on Titan difficulty. Once they are dead you will be able to proceed and unlock this trophy as the gates are opening.

Save Pandora

Story related, can't be missed.

You will find Pandora at the other end of the Labyrinth. She will be locked in a cage. Free her to get the trophy.

Solve the Three Judges

Story related, can't be missed.

After you have rescued Pandora you will have to head back down to the Underworld. It will take some time to complete this so be prepared to kick some ass. You will have to fight your around until you eventually make it back up. Once you are back up you can destroy the 3 onyx sections of the chains in order to break them.

Perform a 1000-hit combo

This one is pretty hard to do normally since most enemies will have died before you get to 1000, but there are a few locations where you can get this trophy pretty easily. There are loads of videos that show all of the different locations. The same rule usually applies for all of them, use a weapon that is not upgraded. This will allow you to do less damage allowing you to get more hits without the risk of killing the enemy.

The best way I found to get this trophy is to use the Claw of Hades. If you hold L1 and press O you will rip out enemy souls, keep doing this over and over to increase the combo. In the video below there is a glitch that makes this trophy very easy. As you walk out the door enemies will spawn. There is an invisible wall around the door that prevent the enemies from getting too close. If you stay behind this invisible wall the enemies wont be able to attack you, but you will be able to attack them and rip out the souls. The weapon wont do too much damage so you will be able to grind away at this until you reach 1000.

Rip apart 1 Olympus Sentry

An Olympus is the most common enemy that you will come across. They look like zombies dressed up in Olympian armor. Run up to one and press O to grab it and then Triangle to rip it apart.

Blind 100 enemies with the Head of Helios

After killing Helions, which is quite possibly the most brutal death I have seen in any of the GoW games ,you will obtain Helios' head. You can use it by pressing triangle to blind an enemy. Do this to 100 enemies to get the trophy.

Deliver 50 kicks to Hounds

When you come across a dog press O to kick it. It isn't difficult to find enough dogs to get this done.

Burn 100 enemies with the Bow of Apollo

Once you have the Bow, charge up a fire shot and fire it at an enemy to set it on fire. Do it 100 times to get the trophy.

Summon every Soul with the Claws of Hades

Each time you level up the Claws of Hades you will unlock new souls to summon, so in order to get this you will need to have maxed out the weapon. Once you have them all you can summon the souls by pressing R2. You can switch between each soul you want to spawn in the menu.

Cover Kratos in 500 buckets of blood by killing the enemies

This should come naturally. As you are slaying enemies you will see that blood goes everywhere, including all over Kratos. After you have killed enough enemies you will get this trophy. It's probably impossible to miss this.

Gut 3 Centaur Generals

This one is possible to miss, but chances are you will get this without trying. There are 3 Centaur Generals that you will find in the game. You need to keep attacking them until the QTE ( Quick Time Event ) marker appears above their head. So start beating up the General until O appears above his head and you will eventually get the option to trigger the QTE. If you kill the general without performing the QTE then you will not be able to get this trophy.
Throughout the game, there are 3 Centaur Generals that you will meet. The idea here is to beat them up enough that the QTE prompt is over their heads and then perform it. This will gut the Centaur General.

The video below will show you where to find the generals.


Upgrade any weapon to the next level

It is possible to miss this, but if you manage to beat the game without upgrading a weapon then you are doing it wrong! You should have enough red orbs to upgrade the Blades of Athena fairly early in the game and it's very highly recommended that you do upgrade your weapons.

Kill Hercules

Story related, can't be missed.

Kill Cronos

Story related, can't be missed.

Kill Zeus

Story related, can't be missed.

We sure did wait a long time to be able to do this!

Kill Hades

Story related, can't be missed.

Acquire the Boreas Icestorm

Story related, can't be missed.

Story related, can't be missed.

Collect all of the Gorgon Eyes

This trophy doesnt actually require you to collect ALL the Gorgon Eyes, you just have to collect enough to max out your health bar. This means you need to collect 12 Gorgon Eyes. There are more than 12 in the game so this shouldn't be too tough to unlock without a guide, but its best you follow the video guide below for all the locations.

Collect all of the Phoenix Feathers

As with the Gorgon eyes, you don't actually have to collect ALL of the Phoenix Feathers. You just need to collect enough to max out your magic bar, which is 12 feathers. The video below will show you how to find them all.

Collect all of the Minotaur Horns

There are more than 12 horns, but all you need is 12 to get this trophy. The video below will show you where to get all of the horns.

Completely upgrade all weapons

This will probably come naturally on your hard play through since you will be needing all the upgrades you can get. Kill every enemy and destroy every pot you come across. Keep an eye out for chests and make sure to leave nothing behind. There are more than enough orbs to max out all the weapons, so you should get this easy enough.

Beat the game

Beat the game on any difficulty.

Beat the Challenge of Olympus

The Challenge of Olympus can be entered from the main menu. You will need to complete all 7 challenges in order to get the trophy. The challenges put you in an arena against various enemies and forces you to complete it under certain constraints such as beating it in under 2, minutes or killing enemies a certain way. Most are pretty easy, the tough ones will take a few tries to complete so be persistent and you will beat the challenge eventually. You can use the video guides below to help you with any of the challenges you might be stuck on.

Beat Titan Mode

Titan mode is the games hardest difficulty. Surprisingly this difficulty isn't really that difficult. It's no walk in the park either, but if you have played God of War games in the past then you shouldn't really struggle with this too much. The most important thing to do is dodge and parry as many attacks as possible. A parry with the Golden Fleece will knock back the enemy and give you the chance to unleash a powerful attack. Dodging speaks for itself really. If you focus on levelling up the Blades of Athena and then when that is done you can start working on the others. At least this way you will have a fully maxed out weapon to help you out, so really focus on getting all the red orbs you can. When attacking larger enemies be sure to use the strong combos rather than just mash the same attack over and over.

Here is a quick list of the things that will help you out.

  • Max out weapons as quick as possible.
  • Collect every red orb possible by destroying posts etc.
  • Parry as many attacks with the Fleece as possible.
  • Be prepared to dodge a lot!
  • Perform big combos rather than button mash.
Collect all of the ‘Godly Possessions’

There are 10 Godly Possessions to collect. Once you find the 10th you will get the trophy.

Here are the different Godly Possessions. The video below will help you find them all.

Zeus' Eagle - Gives you infinite Rage of Sparta.
Hera's Chalice - The health metre will slowly drain, but never completely empty.
Hades' Helm - Max Health, Magic, and Item bars.
Poseidon's Conch Shell - Gives you infinite Magic.
Helios' Shield - Increases the hit counter by 3x.
Hermes' Coin - 10x red orbs given.
Aphrodite's Garter - Continue to use Blades of Athena.
Hercules' Shoulder Guard - Increases damage you take by 1/3.
Hephaestus' Ring - You automatically succeed in all QTEs.
Daedelus' Schematics - Infinite Item bar.


Beat the Labyrinth without dying or failing

This trophy gave me the most trouble of all trophies for this game. It takes a lot of concentration to get this one right since you need to make sure you don't leave yourself in a position where you don't have a harpy to grip onto.  The Labyrinth is tough no matter the difficulty, but playing on easy will help you clear the enemies faster. Make sure you save your game before attempting this, not to be a negative nancy, but you will likely fail the first time around. The videos below will give you a good reference to figure out the best way to get this done.