Gem Smashers Trophy Guide

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Brick breaker is an arcade game similar to arkanoid and breakout except you can’t really lose. The trophy list is super easy to get and isn’t that difficult once you are familiar with this style of game. There are no missable trophies, so there is nothing important to keep track of as you play. Follow the walkthrough if you want to get the platinum as quickly as possible but you will be able to get it fairly easily without needing a detailed trophy guide.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 3-4 hours
  • Difficulty : 1
  • Online Trophies : 0/18
  • Offline Trophies : 18/18
  • Num Playthroughs : 1.5
Glitched Trophies: Gem Smasher ExtraordinaireThe same but different

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

This trophy list is an absolute cakewalk. The game is fun which makes it all the better. 8 out of the 18 trophies will unlock automatically as you progress.

Stay away from Bonuses 
Your first gem 
Color changer 
Gem Smasher master 
Rocks destroyer 
Bonus Master 
Carrot King 
Gem Smasher Extraordinaire 

The remaining trophies are so simple that they may as well be automatically unlocked. There really isn’t anything to be aware of with this game. Nothing can be missed and nothing is even that difficult to unlock. Just be aware that “Gem Smasher Extraordinaire” is glitched on the Vita and “The same but different” is glitched but can still be unlocked anyway.

Inverse champion 
No speed up needed 
10x Combo Master 
The same but different 
Gold digger 
Flawless Victory! 
That was quick 

Obtained all trophies!
Unlocks when all of the other trophies do.
Complete the single player story mode and save the world.

There is a glitch on the vita that makes this trophy impossible to unlock unless you update the game to V 1.01. Do not beat the game unless you have this patch downloaded.

This trophy requires you to complete the single player game. There is no real guide to this one. Just get through each of the levels. Some are a bit harder than others but you shouldn’t find yourself stuck at any stage.

Clear a level in 20 seconds or less.
Best to leave this one until the very end. There is a good chance you will get it without trying in the earlier levels. If you don’t have it by the time you beat the game go back and replay some of the early levels and it should be very easy to unlock.
Defeat a boss without losing a single life!
Best to try this on the first boss since this is the easiest one. If you lose a life, restart and try again. Once you learn the bosses patterns you shouldn’t have too much trouble unlocking this one. Wait until you have completed the game to try for this since you might get it in one of the many other bosses.
Find the crown bonus in the treasure chest.
This is a random drop that you are bound to get at some stage. Every now and then a breakable block will reveal a treasure chest. Hit the chest and a random item will come out of it. The trophy will pop when this random item is a crown. There is no way to control what comes out so you will just have to keep doing it until you get lucky.
Clear the respective starting zone using each character.
This trophy can glitch out depending on which version of the game you are running. The good news is that even if it does glitch for you, it can still be unlocked. To get this trophy under normal circumstances you will need to clear the starting zones of Egg Island using Bau, Green Hill using Bam and Poseidonia using Bom. This glitched for me with the latest patch on PS4 and Vita.

If this doesn’t unlock the trophy for you, you will need to complete the first 3 worlds and the first area of “Deep Marsh” using each of the characters to get the trophy.
Pickup 25 carrots found underneath breakable blocks.
You should get this naturally as you play. Sometimes carrots will drop from the breakable blocks. Pick them up when they drop and the trophy will unlock once you have collected 25.
Smash 5 gems in a row.

See 10x Combo Master for more info.

Smash 10 or more gems in a row.
Getting a 10 combo requires you to hit 10 gems in a row without hitting anything else. It is quite tricky to do naturally since you don’t have that much precision over your shots. You can actually get this quite easily using a detonator. If there are 10 or more of a certain block color left in a level when you activate the detonator, you will get the 10 combo instantly. There is a good chance this will happen naturally as you play.
Collect 10 or more bonuses in a single level.
Almost impossible not to get this naturally.
Try not to collect bonuses in a level.
You should get this one when you defeat the spinning boss in Green Hill. No bonuses drop in this level so it’s impossible not to get this trophy.
Don't lose any life for 3 levels.
This needs to be done in the same area. So you need to complete 3 levels in a row, in the same area without losing a life. This means you need to progress into the game a bit before you can get this. It is easier to get this in the early levels rather than waiting until the end game levels which are much harder. You will probably unlock this without noticing.
Don't use the speed up against a boss.
A speed up is performed by pressing X. When you battle a boss, do not press X once. Play against the first boss and do not press X once. The trophy will unlock once you finish the level. It is very easy to defeat this boss without needing to use the speed up. It doesn’t matter if you die, so it's not hard to get this.
Destroy 100 rocks.
Impossible to beat the game without destroying this many. You should get this fairly soon into your playthrough.
Smash the first gem.
Should be one if the first trophies you get. Impossible to miss.
Smash 200 gems.
This will unlock naturally as you play through the story. You should get this fairly early into the game.
Destroy 5 gems with inverted controls.
The inverted controls are annoying and it is meant to be a way to make you lose. The invert blocks are the blocks with arrows on them. When you hit one it will invert the controls. You will need to destroy 5 gems while this is active. Normally you will want to avoid these but once they start appearing aim for them and get the trophy.
Change color 200 times.
You change color when you hit a color change block. This will definitely come naturally.