Football, Tactics & Glory Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Win the Prestige Cup.
Win the National Cup.
Take first place in Amateur League.
Take first place in the fourth highest League.
Take first place in the third highest League.
Take first place in the second highest League.
Take first place in the highest League.
Become the champion of all the leagues and win the Prestige and National Cup.
Use Precision Shot to score 5 goals.
Use Power Shot to score 5 goals.
Use Cannon Shot to score 5 goals.
Use Rainbow Feint to score 5 goals.
Use Dribbling to score 5 goals.
Use Layoff Pass successfully 5 times.
Use Nutmeg successfully 5 times.
Use Sliding Tackle successfully 5 times.
Use Olympic Kick to score 5 goals.
Train a player to level 100.
Hire the best scout, assistant, or coach.
Sell a player for more than one million dollars.
Buy a player for more than five million dollars.
Score 5 goals during one match (fourth highest League and higher).
Score 5 goals with a Midfielder.
Win the penalty shoot-out after drawing in a Cup match.
Score a goal with a penalty.
Score a goal with a direct free kick.
Score a goal after using Pass or Lofted Pass from a corner.
Tackle the ball from an opponent under pressure.
Perform 5 actions in a single turn by successfully using skills.
Change the outcome of a game by scoring a goal on the last turn.
Score 3 goals during a match using three different players.
Get three corner kicks during a single match.
Score a goal with a motivated player.
Buy a 16-year old footballer.
Complete a season with a goal difference of more than 50.
Merit love of 30000 fans.
Upgrade two talents or skills to level 3 for one player.
Score 3 goals after Layoff Pass.
Score at least one goal in 10 consecutive matches (fourth highest League and higher).
Use a Rainbow Feint successfully against a defender and then the goalkeeper in a single turn.
Win a match after being behind by one or more goals (third highest League and higher).
Take first place in the highest league playing with Hard mode.
Win European, American, or Asian and Oceanian Cup.
Win the EFA, AFA, or AOFA Cup.
Win the highest League, the National Cup and the Continental Cup in the course of one season.
Win a treble in the Hard mode.
Score 5 times after distracting an opponent with a false kick in the same turn.
Score 5 times immediately after breaking in from the flank.
Score with a header after a float cross 5 times.
Sign a contract with a sponsor, earning a 30% bonus for having Fan Favourite players on your team.