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The trophy list for Fallout 3 is relatively simple, but it is quite time consuming as it requires you to complete the majority of the game including side quests in order to get all the trophies. There are quite a few missable trophies that can be missed very easily. The karma related trophies can be easily completed by restoring game saves to save having to play through the entire game twice. While playing make sure you do not drink any of the Nuka Cola Quantum bottles (these are the florescent purple cola bottles). You can continue playing the game after you complete the main story so there is no real order in which you need to collect any of the trophies, just make sure that you check the following missable trophies before starting your playthrough. As always the DLC is not required to get the platinum, but playing the DLC is worth it if you enjoy the games. There are a few trophies that may require a grind. If you play the DLC it will allow you to work toward these trophies without having to do a boring grind. Warning! Quite often story related trophies are marked "can't be missed". This is true, but since this game lets you attack anyone that you want, you can miss a lot of the trophies if you attack or kill any of the quest givers. Auto save is handy to use, but you should also manually save to a few different saves very regularly, so you don't accidentally mess up your chances of getting a trophy.
  • Author : young_hastings
  • Time To 100% : 50-60 Hours
  • Difficulty : 4
  • Online Trophies : 0
  • Offline Trophies : All
  • Num Playthroughs : 1 If You Follow Guide On Missable Trophies
Glitched Trophies: The G.O.A.T. WhispererTrouble on the Homefront
Missable Trophies: Following in His FootstepsScientific PursuitsThe Wasteland Survival GuideThe Nuka-Cola ChallengeStrictly BusinessAgatha's SongReilly's RangersReaverMercenaryProtectorHarbinger of WarPinnacle of SurvivalAmbassador of PeaceScourge of HumanityParadigm of HumanityLast, Best Hope of HumanitySilver-Tongued DevilData MinerKeys are for CowardsVault-Tec C.E.O.

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Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy

Collect all other trophies.

Got the Pip-Boy 3000

You will get this during your birthday party early on in the game.

Took the G.O.A.T.

Story related and can potentially be missed. This trophy is also known to be glitched! Save your game before going into the classroom just to be safe.

Will unlock after you complate the G.O.A.T exam.

If you decide to start trouble and skip the test, you will of course miss this trophy. There is also a glitch that happened to me where the test wouldn't begin and the game just did nothing.

Completed "Escape!"

After shit hits the fan and your dad leaves the vault, you will be given a quest to follow him. This trophy will unlock after you break out of the vault. You can't bypass this trophy so there shouldn't be any issues.

Completed "Following in His Footsteps"

This quest is obtained in Megaton. Natural progression will likely lead you to Megaton as the first quest you are given asks you to go there. If you decide to ignore this quest and go to explore it may prevent you from being able to get the trophy. As soon as you get out of the vault you should head straight to Megaton to get this trophy to avoid any risks missing out on this trophy.

If you complete any quests further on in the story path, this quest will be negated and you will never be able to complete it.

Completed "Galaxy News Radio"

Once you get to Galaxy News Radio, begin talking to Three Dog and talk to him about a bunch of things. he will give you a quest to help him repair a transmitter, by getting a satellite dish from the lunar lander. Complete this quest to help out Three Dog and get the trophy.

If you attack Three Dog you will not be able to get this trophy, so don't attack people that you don't want to kill.

Completed "Scientific Pursuits"

Story related, but it's possible to miss this one if you go explore areas around the game before completing this quest.

You will get this quest after completing the previous quest from Three Dog, to repair the Galaxy News Radio satellite. He will ask you to go to Rivet city and speak to Doctor Li. There is a risk that you can void this quest by visiting the Jefferson Memorial, Rivet City or Smith's Garage before getting this quest. If possible, avoid discovering any new areas while working on the "Galaxy News Radio" quest.

Completed "Tranquility Lane"

You can complete this quest 2 different ways. I suggest you go for the good karma method if you want to make things easier when attempting to get the karma related trophies.

Old Lady Dithers will help you out with this quest and direct you to the abandoned house. There is a random collection of objects inside that make a sound. Activate all of them in sequence and the fail safe terminal will appear. The sequence is Radio, pitcher, hnome, pitcher, cinver blocck, gnome, bottle.

Completed "The Waters of Life"

You will get this back in Rivet City. You don't have to escort your father as he can't die. If you fast travel and sleep he will show up eventually. Once you meet everyone outside the gift shop entrance at the Jefferson Memorial, you will get the trophy.

Completed "Picking up the Trail"

You will get this quest by speaking to Paladin Gunny about taking Power Armour training. Once completed head to the science labs and talk to Scribe Rothchild. Talk to him about the GECK. This will set you on the path to Vault 87. To get here you have to go through little lamplight, which is a settlement of seriously annoying kids. The trophy will pop once you get to vault 87.

Completed "Rescue from Paradise"

This quest is obtained in Paradise Falls. Go to Eulogy's Pad and talk to him about child slaves. You will get the trophy after completing the quest.

Completed "Finding the Garden of Eden"

You get this trophy inside of Vault 87. Natural story progression will get you this far. You will be tasked to obtain the GECK from inside a room that is full of radiation. Either hack the terminal or free Fawkes to help (I like this option since he makes a powerful companion). You will get the trophy after returning the GECK.

Completed "The American Dream"

There is a missable bobblehead that you can collect at this point. You will now be in the enclave base. The bobblehead is located Colonel Autumns desk on level 2. This is just before the control room. You can't return here after leaving so make sure not to miss it.

You can't really stray from this quest. Once you get out of the base, you will meet Fawkes and he will ask to join you. I liked having him with me as the laser weapon he used was seriously powerful.

Make your way back to the Citagel to hand in the quest and get the trophy.

Completed "Take it Back!"

This is an awesome quest as it involves fighting a big ass battle with Liberty Prime walking around blowing everything up. The trophy doesn't actually unlock by completing this quest in particular. Once you start the quest Liberty prime will be walking around blowing stuff up. He tends to get stuck and confused quite often so make a save that you can restore if things get screwed up.

Once you reach the Memorial statue, you will get another quest called "Project Impurity". The trophy will pop after completing this quest.

Completed "Big Trouble to Big Town"

You can find Big Town, northwest of Springvale. Talk to Dusty who is at the main entrance and he will give you the quest. You can also get the quest from the Germantown Police station and rescue red.

If you choose the first option will need to talk to some people around the town in order to get the quest marker to show up which directs you to the Germantown Police Station.

Completed "The Superhuman Gambit"

You can get this quest from Canterbury Commons. WHen you arrive you will see 2 people fighting. After it's over a man will approach you and trigger the quest. 

Completed "The Wasteland Survival Guide"

This trophy can be easily missed if Moira Brown is killed at any point in the game. [SPOILER* she can be killed after nuking megaton, you NEEED to nuke megaton to get this trophy.)]

To start the quest toy need to speak to Moira Brown in the Craterside Supply Store in the Underworld. She will trigger this quest, which is quite a long quest.

Completed "Those!"

You pick up this quest from a man called Bryan Wilks, who is usually around the Super-Duper Mart. You will be tasked to find this guys father. Make sure you have plenty of weapons for this quest as you will be fighting fire ants, who are hard as nails!

Completed "The Nuka-Cola Challenge"

This trophy can be very easily missed, if you are not aware of the quest requirements. When you collect your first bottle of Nuka Cola Quantum you will likely drink it since it looks really cool. Nuka Cola Quantum is a bright pink/purple bottle of nuka cola. There are more than enough bottles throughout the game that spawn naturally, so you can afford to consume a few, but I wouldn't recommend it.

You get this quest from Sierra Petrovita in Girdershade. She will ask you to collect 30 bottles of Nuka Cola quantum for her. The map is pretty big in this game, so chances are you won't find 30 of them through natural progression as they are quite rare.

Completed "Head of State"

You can collect this quest from  Hannibal Hamlin at the Temple of the Union or from Leroy Walker at the Lincoln Memorial. Either way the you will still get the same trophy. You will have to go to the Museum of History and collect some Lincoln related stuff. You will then have to clear a bunch of slavers from the Lincoln Memorial. Once you have done this you can hand the quest in and get the trophy.

Completed "The Replicated Man"

You pickup this quest from Dr. Zimmer in Rivet City. You can find him in the Science lab, he will ask you to find a android that has run off and won't return to his master. Follow the quest and eventually you will find the android. Talk to him and you will get the trophy after you have completed this.

Completed "Blood Ties"

This quest is pretty cool as it will unlock the option for you to become a vampire after you complete it. You can get the quest from Lucy West in Megaton. I think you can also get this from a few other places, but Megaton is the easiest since you will likely come across this when you firs visit Megaton, when looking for your father.

Once you begin the quest you will be set on a trail to travel around to a few locations and uncover some mysterious deaths (wonder what it is??). The trophy will unlock after you complete the event that unfolds after discovering Ians location.

Completed "Oasis"

I stumbled across this location when wandering through the wasteland. It is located north east of Paradise Falls. Its one of the more northern locations on the map. It is not too easy to find. You might spot it from a distance if you see the trees, but it could be very easily missed. You can follow the video below to find the location if you are having troubles.

I really enjoyed this quest. For those who have played the original games they will recognise the main character as Harold who was a ghoul from the first 2 games. This quest is pretty easy and hard to fail, so one you find the Oasis enjoy the ride!

Completed "The Power of the Atom"

You will get this quest by either disarming the bomb in Megaton or by rigging the bomb for Mister Burke, who can be found in Moriarty's Saloon. Number 2 isn't available in the Japanese version of the game so you can only detonate it. (It was removed due to the sensitivity over the bombs dropped on Japan by the USA).

You will loose karma for this, but I would recommend rigging the bomb as it is really cool. If you are unsure what framerates are when it comes to gaming, you will know all about it after detonating this bomb! You could always use a second game save just to blow up the bomb without having to deal with the end result or maybe save the quest until you need to quickly gain bad karma to get the trophies.

Completed "Tenpenny Tower"

If you chose to rig the bomb for "The Power of The Atom" quest, you will end up having to come here to detonate the bomb. The tower is pretty big and hard to miss. Once you get there there will be a ghoul outside who isn't being let inside. You should be able to get inside and once inside talk to the man at the front desk and he will give you the quest. It's probably best to go for the karma neutral option for this quest as it avoids anyone having to get killed (even if they are bad).

Completed "Strictly Business"

You can get this quest by talking to Grouse at Paradise Falls. If you annoy the slavers you will not be able to get this quest, so be careful not to piss anyone off. This quest can also be missed if Red dies during the "Big Trouble in Big Town" quest. Talk to Grouse about making some money and he will give you a list of 4 people that he wants you to enslave. 

Completed "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head"

You can pick this quest up from Mister Crowley in the Underworld. He will ask you to kill 4 people who are located in various places around the game. If you ask around you will find out that he actually wants to get Power Armour from Fort Constantine and that the people who he wants you to kill actually have keys that he is looking for. The quest can play out various different ways. If you just give Crowley the keys you will get the trophy.

Completed "Stealing Independence"

You get this quest from Abraham Washington in the Capitol Preservation Society in Rivet City. When talking to him there will be a conversation about the declaration of independence and he will ask you to get it for him from the National Archives. Retrieve this for him to get the trophy.

Completed "Trouble on the Homefront"

After completing the "Waters of Life" quest an emergency signal will show up when you are near Vault 101. Investigate this signal and it will lead you back to the vault where you started off. This is a second chance for you to grab the bobble head that you may have missed the first time around. There are a few karma related way to go about this, but it is best to go with the good karma option in the long run, even if it is tempting to kill a bunch of the idiots down there.

Completed "Agatha's Song"

If you are rude to Agatha during the first conversation you will not be able to get this quest, so save the game before you speak to her. You can find Agatha living in a small house in the Northeast of Meresti Trainyard. There is a large radio mast that you can use to locate it if you are having trouble. You will need to cross a rope bridge to get to the house.

Once you get talking to her she will give you the quest which involves having to go to vault 92 (which has a pretty cool back story) to get an old violin.

Once you complete the quest you will get a new radio station to listen to.

Completed "Reilly's Rangers"

If you have Dogmeat or Fawkes as your companion, the rangers will attack you which will prevent you from being able to get this quest. You can get this quest when you pick up the Rangers SOS signal when you are near the Statesman Hotel. 

Reached Level 8 with Bad Karma

Make sure you save your game when you hit level 7. See Paradigm of Humanity for more information on how to correctly obtain these trophies.

Reached Level 8 with Neutral Karma

Make sure you save your game when you hit level 7. See Paradigm of Humanity for more information on how to correctly obtain these trophies.

Reached Level 8 with Good Karma

Make sure you save your game when you hit level 7. See Paradigm of Humanity for more information on how to correctly obtain these trophies.

Reached Level 14 with Bad Karma

Make sure you save your game when you hit level 13. See Paradigm of Humanity for more information on how to correctly obtain these trophies.

Reached Level 14 with Neutral Karma

Make sure you save your game when you hit level 13. See Paradigm of Humanity for more information on how to correctly obtain these trophies.

Reached Level 14 with Good Karma

Make sure you save your game when you hit level 13. See Paradigm of Humanity for more information on how to correctly obtain these trophies.

Reached Level 20 with Bad Karma

Make sure you save your game when you hit level 19. See Paradigm of Humanity for more information on how to correctly obtain these trophies.

Reached Level 20 with Neutral Karma

These trophies are not as much trouble as it seems. You do not nee to play the game 3 times with different karma in order to get all of the karma related trophies. If you follow the following guide you will be able to get all 3 levels of the karma without having to play through the games multiple times.

  • Play through the game with good karma. It's very easy to go from good karma to bad without having to do much work. Its almost impossible to go from bad karma to good in time to get this trophy.
  • Save the game once you get to level 7, 14 and 19. Make sure to use different saves and dont overwrite them unless you get all 3 trophies each time.
  • Once you save the game you can progress to level 8 and get the good karma trophy.
  • After you get this trophy start going around killing a few people until you get neutral karma. Then play on as normal until you get to level 8 and get the trophy.
  • Restore the game save for a third time, go around and kill everything until you get bad karma. Change the difficulty to easy so people don't put up much of a fight. Once you have bad karma play through the game until you get to level 8 and now you will have all 3 karma trophies.
  • Restore the game save and continue playing with good karma.
  • Repeat the same steps for each level of karma.
Reached Level 20 with Good Karma

Make sure you save your game when you hit level 19. See Paradigm of Humanity for more information on how to correctly obtain these trophies.

Made one of every custom weapon

There are 7 weapon schematics that you will need to get this trophy. The schematics are blueprints that you can use to create the items. Check out the video below for the locations of all schematics.

Deathclaw Gauntlet
Bottlecap Mine
Dart Gun
Railway Rifle
Nuka Grenade
Rock-It Launcher

Killed 300 people

This should come quite easily once you are going for the bad karma level 20 trophy (Scourge of Humanity). By the time you are at level 19 you will likely have killed a decent amount of people already. Go around the game and wipe out every town you can find. This will give you the bad karma that you need and will also up the counter. The trophy will pop after you have killed enough people. 

Killed 300 creatures

This should come naturally. If you don't rush through the entire game you should kill far more than 300 creatures.

Won 50 Speech Challenges

Speech challenges show up a lot throughout the game. If you want to focus on this trophy you can alter your stats to give you better charisma. Every time you come across a speech challenge attempt it. Even if its only 10% there is still a chance that you will be able to pass it.

Hacked 50 terminals

There is a chance that you can miss this trophy. If you fail to hack a terminal it becomes locked and you can never hack it again. If you are attempting to hack a terminal and you have one chance left, you can quit and attempt to hack it again. This will give you back all the failed chances. The downside is the puzzle changes, but at least you get another try.

If you can do this for every terminal you find and successfully hack it you shouldn't have a problem getting this.

Picked 50 locks

As with the Data Miner trophy, you can potentially miss this trophy if you break all of the locks that can be hacked. The odds of this happening are really slim though as there are quite a lot of locks to pick and it isn't all that difficult.

Discovered 100 locations

You should get this trophy naturally as you are going for all of the other trophies. You get a nice little XP bonus for discovering a new location so it's worth the trouble. If you are going to a location on the map, take a small detour so that you can discover as many locations as possible along the way.

Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing

This is a really fun trophy to get. When pick pocketing someone you can drop a grenade into their pocket. The grenade will then detonate, killing the person. Thie awesome explosion of human body parts will net you this trophy.

Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths

There are 5 Super Mutant Behemoths throughout the game. They take quite a bit of firepower to take out, so make sure you go into this battle well prepared to fight. The video below will show the locations of all 5 Behemoths.

Collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

There are 20 bobbleheads to collect in total and some of them are missable, so make sure to follow the guide for this. See Vault-Tec C.E.O for more information.

Collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads

There are 20 bobbleheads hidden around the game. There are a few of these that can only be obtained at a single point in the game. If you do not collect it at this point you will not be able to collect it at a later date, making this trophy highly missable. Make sure you follow this guide and take note of the missable ones so you don't have to reply the game. I missed the one at the enclave base, but thankfully had a game save that let me get it. Make sure to save the game as often as you can.

Completed "Aiding the Outcasts"
Completed "The Guns of Anchorage"
Completed "Paving the Way"
Completed "Operation: Anchorage!"
Completed "Into The Pitt"
Completed "Unsafe Working Conditions"
Completed "Free Labor"
Found All 100 Steel Ingots
Completed "Death from Above"
Completed "Shock Value"
Completed "Who Dares Wins"
Reached Level 30 with Bad Karma
Reached Level 30 with Neutral Karma
Reached Level 30 with Good Karma
Completed "The Local Flavor"
Completed "Walking With Spirits"
Completed "A Meeting of the Minds"
Discovered all locations within Point Lookout
Completed "Not of This World"
Completed "Among the Stars"
Completed "This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough…"
Collected all Alien Captive Recordings