Fairy Tail Trophy List

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Acquired all trophies.
Went back to Lucy's house.
Unlocked the Second Origin.
Arrived in Crocus.
Crowned Champion of the Grand Magic Games.
Used Last Ages.
Summoned the Celestial Spirit King.
Defeated Mard Geer.
Defeated Ikusa-Tsunagi.
Cleared "Gildarts Throws Down the Gauntlet".
Attained Guild Rank C.
Attained Guild Rank B.
Attained Guild Rank A.
Attained Guild Rank S.
Became number one in the guild ranking.
Completed 5 requests.
Completed 20 requests.
Completed 50 requests.
Completed all requests.
Responded to all community service requests.
Completed all Guild Rank Goals.
Used Link Hunt.
Used Link Party.
Participated in a Link Party with everyone.
Raised Bond Level of Team 3 to 1.
Raised Bond Level of Team 5 to 2.
Raised Bond Level of Team 10 to 3.
Reached Character Rank 3.
Reached Character Rank 7.
Reached Character Rank 10.
Upgraded a facility.
Upgraded all facilities.
Upgraded all facilities to maximum.
Destroyed 5 objects with Over Damage.
Destroyed all giant objects with Over Damage.
Completed a 5 chain with Magic Chain.
Dealt 100,000 damage with Magic Chain.
Dealt 1,000,000 damage with Magic Chain.
Activated Mavis' Law.
Synthesized a Grade 5 Lacrima.
Get all of the rewards from Nikora.
Defeated a rare monster.
Performed Magical Foundation Growth.