Dynasty Warriors 9 Trophy List

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Defeated 1,000 enemies while mounted on a horse.
Defeated 1,000 enemies with bow attacks.
Defeated 100 enemies with bow attacks.
Defeated 100 enemies with assault attacks.
Destroyed 100 structures.
Achieved a 1,000 hit combo.
Juggled an enemy in the air for 5 seconds.
Defeated a powerful enemy.
Discovered 35% of the locations in the game.
Obtained 10 pieces of furniture.
Obtained 20 gems.
Obtained a High-class weapon.
Obtained 30 weapons.
Performed synthesis 100 times.
Formed a bond at the maximum level with another officer.
Obtained a hideaway.
Ate 100 meals.
Caught 30 items while fishing.
Obtained 30 items by using box traps.
Discovered a scenic area.
Completed a story.
Completed a key mission.
Unlocked an officer.
Completed the tutorial for one of the kingdoms.
Obtained all of the trophies in the game.
Unlocked all of the officers.
Earned a total of 100,000 K.O.s.
Raised an officer to the highest level.
Raised an officer's Attack to 900.
Raised a horse to the highest level.
Earned a total of 90,000 gold.
Formed a bond at the maximum level with 20 officers.
Obtained 10 hideaways.
Completed the story of Wei.
Completed the story of Wu.
Completed the story of Shu.
Completed the story of Jin.
Completed the stories of the kingdoms other than Wei, Wu, Shu, and Jin.
Earned a total of 5,000 Hunting Points.
Unlocked 45 officers.
Unlocked all battle entries in the Encyclopedia.
Discovered 75% of the locations in the game.
Completed a mission within 1 minute.
Defeated 1,000 enemies in a single battle.