Dungeon Siege III Trophy List

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You performed the ritual and gained access to the Agallan Vault.
You met Eleanor, de facto leader of the Abbey of St. Hiram.
Collected all Dungeon Siege III trophies.
You spoke to the Radiant Youth in the Mournweald.
You defeated the archon, Rajani.
You survived a journey through the Eastern Swamp.
You forged an alliance between Stonebridge and the 10th Legion.
You broke the siege of Glitterdelve and saved Queen Roslyn.
You stormed the Spire and defeated Jeyne Kassynder.
You have restored the Legion and saved the land of Ehb.
You have completed the main quest as Lucas.
You have completed the main quest as Anjali.
You have completed the main quest as Katarina.
You have completed the main quest as Reinhart.
You completed Dungeon Siege III at the highest difficulty level.
You have gathered a full party of Legion descendants.
You've paraded about in nothing but rare items.
You completed your quest, plus all other secondary quests in the game.
You achieved the highest possible influence with one of your companions.
You achieved at least one level of influence with all three of your companions.
You have achieved the maximum level.
You sold over 100,000 coins worth of items.
You bested Rajani without needing to heal yourself.
During your fight against the Dapper Old Gent, you destroyed 50 of his Automatons.
Force Jeyne to flee before defeating her handmaids.
You defeated the reborn god without needing to be revived by a companion.
You defeated a major opponent using only your default equipment.
Over your career, you have sustained at least 100,000 points of damage.
You have agreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session.
You have disagreed on dialogue choices 20 times in one session.
You were part of a four-player party that completed the game together.
You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in agreement as to what to say.
You were part of a conversation wherein four players were all in disagreement over what to say.
While joined to another player's game, you used an empowered Defensive Ability to assist the party.
You took part in a level-up while in a four-player game.
You and a friend have played for three hours in one session.
Playing co-op as Lucas and Reinhart, you defeated a boss.
Playing co-op as Anjali and Katarina, you defeated a boss.
You reached level 20 as Anjali.
You reached level 20 as Lucas.
You reached level 20 as Katarina.
You reached level 20 as Reinhart.
You ceded control of Gunderic Manor to Leona.
You decided that Gunderic Manor should remain in Legion hands.
You have shown unwavering support to the Crown.
You freed all the prisoners in the Spire.
You have discovered 60 lore entries in one adventure.
You spoke to the Lamasu.
You respecced your character.
You defeated High Priest Molochi.
You survived your first encounter with the undead in the desert.
You lit the sacred flames at all three desert shrines.
You defeated the Giant Sand Worm.
You learned the recitation in the Temple of Azunai.
You collected the sacred oil in Sandspring Cavern.