Dreamfall Chapters Trophy List

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Completed Book Three.
Got to know Enu properly and said your goodbyes.
You found the well-hidden note.
Sharing is caring, except when you do it for your own selfish reasons.
What was Jakai doing in that room?
So You Think You Can Dance: Marcuria Edition.
Out of the mouths of babes, the future is foretold.
You found the Necromancer King's secret chamber.
You survived Ge'en with Likho's help.
You survived Ge'en on your own.
Saga is walking the Songlines.
Wonkers will live again.
A thimbleful of powerful liquor awakens the beast.
Wine, water and liquor? That's going to hurt in the morning.
Best friends reunited, setting out on their final journey together.
Kian's future has been decided for him
Our story comes full circle as the past meets the future.
Earn all Dreamfall Chapters Trophies.
Zoë left Storytime and was reborn.
Kian escaped Friar's Keep and was reborn.
Delivered the boyfriend's lunch.
Completed work at the Pandemonium.
Completed work at the lab.
Finished today's volunteer work.
The Balance has been rattled.
Kian rejected the rebels and doomed reality to destruction. Good job!
Arn Stont's message to his wife Gerdi was delivered.
Listen to the entire National Front speech by Onor Hileriss.
Identify the right Azadi collaborator.
Kian's first mission completed.
Zoë completes Queenie's mission.
But did you make the right decision?
Kian gave Bip his sand-witch.
Zoë receives a recorded message from Baruti.
Zoë learns the truth from Sully.
Completed Book Two. Completely confused.
Saga has left the House of All Worlds for the first time.
You bonded with Enu.
You bonded with Likho.
You returned the maintenance worker's tools.
You made the best scrambled eggs in the history of mankind. Kudos!
You have finally embraced your memories.
From now on, it's Awesomebot.
She was a good kid.
Zoë has crossed the Divide into Arcadia.