Donut County Trophy Guide

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Donut County is a fairly unique game and is quite hard to compare to anything else. You have a hole in the ground and you must eat up items in the level until the hole gets big enough to eat up large items. It is an enjoyable game with a very easy platinum trophy. There are a few missable trophies but due to the fact that the game has a chapter select feature, you can quickly go back and get anything you missed.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 2 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0/21
  • Offline Trophies : 21/21
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Missable Trophies: GamerDisrespecterSecret SoupBandit

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

There isn’t much strategy required to get the platinum in this game. The missable trophies are only chapter specific. By this i mean there are no trophies that require you to do something in level X and then something in level Y to get a trophy. Since there is chapter select, you can quickly go back and get any trophies you missed. None of the trophies are very difficult, you should be able to get all of the trophies very easily.

You should be able to get most of the trophies in a single run and use chapter select to get a boss related trophy and anything else you might have missed. Start out by just starting a new game and get stuck in. Pay attention to the trophies as they require a little extra work than the other chapter related trophies. Also pay attention to the other chapter trophies, but since they are very easy it isn’t a big deal.

Secret Soup 

Once you get to the final boss, you want to die first and then try again to beat the boss without taking damage. It isn’t half as hard as it sounds. Check out the video guide for Flawless  as for the best way to kill the boss without taking damage, although it is fairly easy to do it without needing any guide.

Once the game is finished and you have all of the boss related trophies, you can go back and get any trophies you missed but you should have gotten the platinum by the time you get to the end.

Unlock all trophies.
Release the hot air balloon.
Will unlock once you inflate the hot air balloon.
Destroy the donut shop.
Unlocks once you complete the donut shop level.
Destroy Raccoon Lagoon.
Unlocks once you complete the Raccoon Lagoon level.
Hack into the mainframe.
Unlocks when you use the catapult to gain access to the trash king’s lair.
Win the boss fight.
Unlocks once you complete the boss fight. Can be doubled up with “Flawless” as this requires you to beat the boss without taking damage.
Bring everyone back from underground.
You will get this toward the end of the game.
Complete the Trashopedia.
As you eat up items with the hole, they will be logged to the Trashopedia. It is pretty hard to miss this one since you will end up consuming most items in each chapter. Once you have the game you should have every item available to view. The trophy will unlock once you do this.
Stock up on gamer fuel.
Level: Chicken Barn

During the Chicken Barn level you will be tasked with purchasing a catapult. If you open up the store app there are 2 items available to purchase. The catapult and energy drinks. The energy drinks are the gamer fuel. Purchase these before you buy the catapult. The trophy will unlock once you finish up.
Set Pepper's trailer on fire.
Level: Joshua Tree
This requires you to swallow up some stuff before the hole is big enough to be able to set the trailer on fire. First, you need to swallow up enough items to make the hole big enough so that you can eat up the campfire. Once this is done, eat up the pieces of coal that the throw is throwing out of the grill and this will let you burn the joshua trees around the area. Use the coal explosions to set the trailer on fire before you swallow it up into the hole.
Quack 100 times.
This is a fairly tedious one that requires a few minutes of boring actions. There are a few times that you can do this, best get it out of the way at the start. When you are texting Mira you will see there is an option to send a “Quack”. This is done with the duck shaped icon. This will send the duck to Mira and count as a quack. She will respond to you with a quack and you need to keep doing this over and over until you have sent 100 quacks. This will be a boring few minutes but its an easy trophy.
Break 3 dozen eggs.
Level : Chicken Barn
As part of the main progression in the chicken barn level you will get to a point where you need to send a chicken to the top section of the barn. Jellybean will start throwing eggs and you need to let 36 of these fall on the ground and break. It is also possible for you to use the catapult to shoot an egg up to the egg spout which will make eggs fall faster. Whatever way you decide to do it, you need to avoid catching the eggs and let them break on the ground before you start catching them and go ahead with the level.
Finish Gecko Park without collecting the radio.
Level: Gecko Park
If you go to Geckos house, you will find a radio sitting on top of a crate to the left. To get this trophy you must collect everything in the area except the radio. This means the crate the radio is on, the buildings nearby, trash and any other items that are around the place. Once you have collected everything other than the radio you will get the trophy. If you accidentally collect the radio, you will have to try again.
Complete the boss fight without taking damage.

This trophy isn’t nearly as hard as it might seem. As far as boss fights go, this one is incredibly easy. I would advise you watch the video below to help you get this first time around. If you want you can go for “Game Over” first as you can get it all in a single run this way.

The battle comes in 2 stages. The first stage you will need to dodge the water cannon attacks. Once dodged, the quadcopter will drop 3 mines. Catch the smallest mine in your hole and shoot it up to the quadcopter. Do this 3 times and the first part of the boss fight will be complete.

The second part of the battle is easier, but requires some speed. The quadcopter will drop several mines. You will need to collect them all, one at a time and shoot them up at the quadcopter. Fortunately, the quadcopter will remain stationary throughout this so you just need to be quick in picking up the mines and firing them at the quadcopter. Once you have collected all the mines and shot them back at the boss, the quadcopter will explode and you will get the trophy.

Lose the boss fight.
Very simple really, do nothing during the boss fight and you will lose the battle and unlock the trophy.
Destroy Trash King's monitor.

Level: Anthropology Lab

You can miss this one if you progress too far and end up shooting a second rocket at the alarm. To get this trophy, you will need to break the monitor in the left corner of the room. Once you have the flaming trash can, grab the rocket on the right and move it underneath the monitor to shoot the rocket at it. This will destroy the monitor and you will get the trophy.

Destroy Trash King's monument.
The video guide for “Flawless” shows you how to get this trophy. At the end of the boss fight, a cyclone will come out of the hole. At the front of the roof you will see the trash king statue. Stay as close as possible to this and eventually it will get sucked in and you will get the trophy.
Make Chef's secret soup recipe.

Level: Cat Soup

This is quite a tricky one to do, even with a tutorial. The video guide below will make this much easier, but the process of fairly simple. You need to eat up everything outside the Cat Soup building before going inside. Once inside eat up the cans and you will now be ready to start the challenge to make the secret soup.

To make the secret soup you need to put 3 shakes of pepper and 2 shakes of salt into the soup. On the right side of the room there is a handle hanging from the roof. Pull this to open up the cupboard that contains the salt and pepper. Once it is open, go over to the cooker and dump the green soup into your hole. The salt and pepper will be rotating inside the cupboard. You need to make sure 3 shakes of pepper and 2 of salt get put into the soup BEFORE the bird drinks it. Each time a shake is dropped into the soup a cockroach will come after it. If a cockroach falls inside the soup, it will spoil it and you will need to try again. If you get too close to the bird he will drink the soup and it will void the trophy. This is what makes it a bit tricky. You will need to dodge the cockroaches and the bird until the salt and pepper has been added, turning the soup red. If any of this is confusing, check out the video below.

Fly through the donut hole.

Level: Aftermath

Once you complete the game and the credits roll you will have control of a quadcopter. You will be able to fly around the place and see things. Go to the donut shop and fly through the donut on the top to get this trophy.

Find Trash King's secret getaway vehicle.

Level: Aftermath

Similar to “Pilot” once you have control of the quadcopter, Go toward the donut and fly until you see an anchor attached to a chain. Keep following the chain up until you reach a flying boat above the clouds. Fly up to the captains wheel and the trophy will unlock.

Break into the vault at Raccoon HQ.

Level: Raccoon HQ

This is quite a difficult one to explain in writing. Thankfully, it’s much easier to explain with the help of a video. Follow the video guide below to get this trophy.