Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Trophy List

How To Use
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  • Mark trophies as unlocked by clicking the trophy icon on the right side of each trophy.
  • Use the controls toggle hidden and unlocked trophies.
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  • Clicking on highlighted trophies in text will show you a preview. Click the preview to quickly scroll to that trophy.
You've just taken an important step in achieving your destiny.
You explored the abandoned cave in the forest.
You smashed more than 5 pots in Sir Manfred Grayle's home.
How hungry are you? You ate more than 10 custard creams!
You've made your way through the forest.
You would make a good Dalek.
A broken pillar is no match for your throwing arm.
You got caught by the Daleks more than 10 times.
You managed to figure out the code to the safe in less than 60 seconds!
You proved your genius by activating the laser core in under 5 minutes.
You infiltrated the Dalek temple without getting caught once!
You saved the universe from the Reality Virus!