DJMAX Respect Trophy List

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Collected all DJMAX RESPECT Trophies.
You have reached Level 99.
Cleared 50 missions.
Cleared 500 patterns in MAX COMBO.
Accumulated 300,000,000 points.
You have reached Level 50.
Cleared 30 missions.
Accumulated 200,000,000 points.
Acquired S Rank for 50 times.
Cleared 300 patterns in MAX COMBO.
Accomplished 999999 combos.
Cleared a pattern from RESPECT category with PERFECT.
Cleared with 5000 or more combos.
Cleared all songs.
Cleared ARCADE Mode with 4 Buttons.
Cleared ARCADE Mode with 5 Buttons.
Cleared ARCADE Mode with 6 Buttons.
Cleared ARCADE Mode with 8 Buttons.
Failed a stage for the first time.
Cleared with a single BREAK.
You have reached Level 10.
Cleared 10 missions.
Cleared 100 patterns in MAX COMBO.
Accumulated 100,000,000 points.
Acquired A Rank for 100 times.
Accomplished 100000 combos.
Cleared with 777 combos.
Cleared only with "Portable 1" songs in ARCADE mode.
Cleared only with "Portable 2" songs in ARCADE mode.
Acquired 30 plates.
Acquired 15 gears.
Acquired 10 notes.
Acquired 100 images.
Acquired 50 comments.
Cleared 30 patterns with difficulty level 10 or higher in Max Combo.
Accomplished 70% success rate of 4 Button Master Score.
Found a hidden BGA for the first time.
Found all the hidden BGA.
Beat the mission against A.I.
Watched all NB RANGER videos in Collection.
Played Online Match 10 times.
Watched CREDITS for the first time.
Cleared all TRILOGY songs in S Rank.
Cleared "Someday" in MAX COMBO.
Cleared Arcade mode playing only TRILOGY Songs.
Cleared mission "DJMAX RESPECT U".
Acquired 10 TRILOGY Song Images.
Found a Hidden BGA from a TRILOGY Song.
Cleared all Clazziquai Edition songs in S Rank.
Cleared "Electronic City".
Watched all characters of the Gear : First Kiss.
Achieved 100000 Combos with songs only from the Clazziquai Edition.
Cleared mission "DJMAX TOURNAMENT LIVE".
Cleared Arcade mode playing only Clazziquai Edition Songs.
Found a Hidden BGA from a Clazziquai Edition Song.
Cleared all TECHNIKA songs in S rank.
Played all the patterns you can play in "Technical Mixing".
Cleared the hidden pattern in MAX COMBO.
Cleared all the songs in the First Step mission.
Cleared ARCADE mode only with TECHNIKA songs.
Watched a SuperSonic video in Collection.
Played "Mr.Perfect" mission.
Acquired 5 TECHNIKA Plates.
Cleared "SON OF SUN" in MAX COMBO with "SON OF SUN" GEAR and NOTE Skins.
Found a Hidden BGA from a TECHNIKA Song.