Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Trophy List

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Earn all trophies
Free the assassin Daud
Take both bank vault keys
Obtain an ancient weapon
Recover the stolen archive
Touch the Eye of the Dead God
Return the Outsider to the mortal world
Kill the Outsider
Steal the audiograph from the gallery without disabling the safeguard floor
Use Semblance to mimic Shan Yun and sing into the microphone
Drop Ivan Jacobi through the trapdoor
Win the auction at Colibron Plaza
Open every safe inside the main vault
Empty the vault without tampering with any security systems, leaving everyone unharmed and asleep
Send the vault crashing through the floor
Attend the meeting as Brother Cardoza
Break 4 Oraculum censers and listen to the prophecies
Destroy an Envisioned cultist
Push an enemy to his demise using Void Strike
Send someone flying 40 meters using Hook Mines
Shoot a guard in the head with a fountain pen
Use Displace on a marker placed with Foresight and eliminate a target
Have a guard salute you
Listen to what swarms of rats have to say 5 times
Finish the game without being detected
Finish a mission without killing anyone
Finish the Original Game+
Make 3 people vomit using a single bottle of Plagued Spirit
Make an enemy explode into pieces using Displace
Complete all contracts
Collect all Eleuterio Cienfuegos paintings