Devious Dungeon 2 Trophy List

How To Use
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Get all trophies.
Completed the training level.
Leveled up for the first time!
Read 5 tomes.
Destroy an arrow in mid-air.
Checked the map screen.
Collect 60 keys.
Buy a new weapon.
Buy some armor!
Buy a trinket.
Buy a potion.
Received healing from the Priest!
Destroy 100 crates.
Kill more than 100 enemies.
Found a lost treasure.
Find 3 the lost treasure.
Find 6 the lost treasure.
Found and killed a wanted mini-boss.
Collect the bounties on 3 mini-bosses.
Collect the bounties on 6 mini-bosses.
Defeat the Earth Elemental Boss.
Defeat the Undead Knight Boss.
Defeat the Cave Troll Boss.
Defeat the Slug Boss.
Defeat the Summoner Boss.
Complete the game.