Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure Trophy Guide

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Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure is a point and click game with a strong focus on humor. The platinum trophy is an absolute walk in the park. It can be comfortable platinumed in 3-4 hours but if you follow the walkthrough you will likely get it in 2 or less. There are a few missable trophies but chapter select makes most of them fairly easy to go back and get.

  • Author : dano
  • Time To 100% : 3-4 Hours
  • Difficulty : 2
  • Online Trophies : 0/37
  • Offline Trophies : 37/37
  • Num Playthroughs : 1
Missable Trophies: Insulting the parentsNo respect for the policeTrophy Worm RaceI thought that would work!Leaving without closing the faucet

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

The best way to get the platinum in this game is to follow the video guide below. There are some missable trophies and a sort of collectible style event that can be missed fairly easily. The video guide below will show you how to get the platinum really easily without having to miss anything.

Before you do anything, make sure toilet humor is enabled as this will allow for some actions in the game that trophies require.

Most of the trophies in the game are either related to the story or to a death. Since the video guide above will bring you through all of these, you will get nearly all of the trophies without needing to even read them. There are a few others at the funfair that require a bit of effort, but this is a very minimal amount of effort.

Unlock all trophies in Demetrios.
Unlock all other trophies.
Get half of the game cookies

See Cookie expert 

Get all the game cookies

There are 114 cookies to collect across the game. There are 3 hidden in each of the games 38 scenes. Its best to collect these as you play through to save time but there is a chapter select which will let you go back and collect any that you missed. You can pause the game at any time and check the cookies you have collected.  There is no new game plus, so you must collect them all in a single run.

The cookies are often quite hard to see. You will likely find most of them accidentally. If you want to save time, just follow the platinum walkthrough and it will show you the location of every cookie in the game along with everything else you need to get the platinum in a single run.

Die ten times
There are various ways you can die in this game. This trophy requires you do simply die 10 times. You will get this trophy as you work toward getting Game over expert, so check out the guide for this trophy for more.
Experience half of the Game Overs

See Game Over expert  for more.

Experience all of the Game Overs

There is a good chance you will get a lot of these without even trying. You can get a game over from a bunch of different things. Sometimes if you go down the wrong dialogue path it gets you killed or just interacting with something you shouldn’t will get you killed. There are 68 of these in total. Lots of them are deaths so you will get I love to die  as you work toward unlocking this.

Nothing bad really happens when you die, it doesn’t set you back to the start of a chapter or anything like that so there is no need to be worried about it. The platinum walkthrough video for this game will show you the location of every game over along with every cookie, so you are best to just use this video to make sure you get everything in a single playthrough.

Eat 3 rotten things on the floor
There are lots of rotten things you can find on the floor. These items will just be regular pieces food that has fallen on the ground. For example, there is a point in the first chapter where you can give a police officer an ice cream. He doesn't like it and throws it on the ground. Eating this ice cream will count as a rotten thing.
Use at least 10 cookies
If you are following the platinum walkthrough for this game you should be collecting all of the cookies as you progress. There are 114 in total so it won’t take you long to get 10 of them to eat. Cookies are used to give you hints when you are stuck. Since you are following a guide, you obviously won’t get stuck so eat cookies as you find them and the trophy will pop once you have eaten 10 of them.
Get rid of Caroline at the hideout

Chapter 5

You will get this as you are working to get all of the game overs. In the basement at the start of chapter 5 you will see Caroline hiding near the window. Once you have spotted here you will get a dialogue option with Bernard to “Denounce Caroline” this will get you killed and also get the trophy.

Sandra insults her parents in her postcard
Chapter 4

When you are at the Bazaar in chapter 4 you can find a postcard stand behind a merchant. Select any postcard you like and write a swear word on it. The merchant will send it for you.

After the end game credits roll you will be back at the apartment. You will read the response you get from your parents for sending something “insulting” on the postcard and the trophy will unlock.
Sandra write insults about the hotel
Chapter 4

Once you gain control of Sandra go downstairs to the bad and you will find a feedback box on the bar where people can drop in notes about the hotel. Interact with this and write some swear words. The bar man will read it and get insulted.
Insult the statue in the last room
Chapter 6

This is a game over trophy that you should get while you work toward this trophy. In the final room there will be a statue with a microphone. Interact with the microphone and use another swear word. The statue will be insulted and you get the trophy.
Do dirty things at the police station
Chapter 1

You must have toilet humor enabled to get this trophy. When you are at the police station use the photocopier and photocopy your butt. You will get a game over for this along with the trophy.
Win 100 coins at the funfair
It shouldn’t take long to get 100 coins while you are at the funfair.
Win the Plate Shoot trophy
Chapter 2

This is one of the games in the carnival in chapter 2. You need to use the touch pad to hit the targets. The trophy will unlock once you get a high score.
Win the Pet Shoot trophy
Chapter 2

This is another game from the carnival. This one is quite easy to complete. Another high score here will get the trophy.
Win the Worm Race trophy
Chapter 2

This trophy can be missed. At the start of the chapter when you are outside Hectors house you will see a work crawling along the railing. You need to pick this worm up as you will need to use him later.

Once you get to the carnival look for a horse racing game. It is possible to also race worms here. Talk with the guy here and you will be able to use this worm to race. You will need to mash square for get the worm to move. You will get the trophy once the worm wins the race.
Win the Horse Race trophy
Chapter 2

Same as the worm race trophy above. Only difference is you play using the horses. Win the race to get the trophy.
Turn the wheel and die
Chapter 2

In the middle screen at the funfair there is a random wheel game. Spin the wheel and keep doing it until you land on the black slice with the skull and crossbones on it. This will get you a game over and the trophy.
Win all the plushes at the funfair claw machines
Chapter 2

There are 2 claw machines with 4 different toys inside that you need to collect. The first is in the middle area of the funfair and the second is on the right screen. You need coins to use these so go for the other trophies first as you will get coins from the horse racing.

Once you have some coins, go to the claw machines and keep playing until you have collected 8 unique toys from the claw machines to get the trophy.
Win 10,000 points on the pinball tombstone
Chapter 5

You will visit a graveyard in chapter 5. There is a dark colored tombstone near the back wall. You can use this to play a pinball mini game. You can’t lose the game so just keep playing until your score gets to 10’000 to get the trophy.
Finish Chapter 1
Unlocks automatically once you complete the first chapter.
Finish Chapter 2
Unlocks automatically once you complete the second chapter.
Finish Chapter 3
Unlocks automatically once you complete the third chapter.
Finish Chapter 4
Unlocks automatically once you complete the fourth chapter.
Finish Chapter 5
Unlocks automatically once you complete the fifth chapter.
Finish the game
Unlocks automatically once you complete the sixth chapter.
Fall from the roof accidentally
Chapter 4

During chapter 4 you will need to head over to the hideout to investigate. This will bring you to the roof. Walk over to the right side and interact with the tires. Go left then go right again and you will fall off the roof.
Decide not to commit suicide after being poisoned
Chapter 6

While you are in the desert at the start of the chapter, speak with Caroline and keep going. After a while she will put a scorpion on your neck which will sting you. You will have 2 options here, kill yourself or carry on. Choose “Pretend nothing happened” and the trophy will unlock. This is required to get all of the game overs as the poison will eventually kill you.
Create a clone of Bjorn and Caroline
Chapter 6

In the final room of chapter 6 use the item in the skeletons hand and it will allow you to make three wishes. When it is Bjorns turn to make a wish, wish for a clone. The trophy will unlock once this is complete.
Order Sandra to lick the statue
Chapter 6

In the final room of the sixth chapter you will see a statue with a microphone. You will be able to insult this statue to get a trophy. In this case you need to chose the option to lick. You will get the trophy once Sandra has licked the microphone.
Refuse to help Henri
Chapter 3

When you first get to the hotel in chapter 3, go down and speak with the bartender. He will give you a snack. Serve this to the people in room 204. You will be told that he Henri has been bitten by a snake. Select no when asked if you want to help him and the trophy will unlock.
Try disturbing things on Henri
Chapter 3

Instead of letting Henri die, agree to help him. You will need to go and collect some items to save him. Once you have collected everything, head back to the hotel and knock on the door. You will give him a potion and will then have some other options to try wake him up. Select all of the options mouth to mouth, hang by his feet, shake and slap. Once you complete the final action you will get the trophy.
Put the entire plant in the sorcerer's glass
Chapter 3 + 4

In chapter 3 you will visit the old excavation. You will find a red flower next to the pond here. Pick this up. You will use this in the next chapter.

In chapter 4, you will be asked to assassinate the sorcerer. You do this using the red flower. Before you do this correctly, use the red flower on the sorcerer’s cup. Make sure you do this before proceeding to use the flower with the juicer. Once the flower is gone you wont be able to unlock this trophy and need to go back and collect it. Once you put the flower into the glass the sorcerer will kill you and this will count toward the game over total and also get you this trophy.
Forget to close the faucet before leaving Paris
Chapter 3

When you are at the apartment in chapter 3 turn on faucet and leave it on. When you get back to the apartment at the end of the game the room will be flooded and you will get the trophy. If you forget to turn this on you will have to go back to this chapter and play through the game again.
Spill all the water in the container at the museum
Chapter 4

When you get to the museum and complete the quiz in the reception area you will be in the main hall. On the right side there is a water dispenser. Turn on the tap here and leave it running until the entire room floods.
Get all funfair items
Chapter 2

You will get 8 of the 12 items you need from the claw machines for which you will also get a trophy. Wait until you have gotten the trophy trophies before worrying about this. You are going to need coins to get the funfair items and you should get enough of these from the horse racing. If you are stuck for them, go back and play some more.

So 8 of the items are obtained from the claw machines in the middle and right side screen. The remaining 4 are obtained from the wheel game. Keep playing until you get the prizes. The trophy will unlock once you obtain the final one.